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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Key Information About Hair Removal Lasers

    When it comes to appearances, people care about how their skin looks and feels. It’s why laser hair removal and IPL services have flourished the past 20 years. When professional services first began, it was required that a licensed technician administer them. Over time, such services could be done in one’s own home using a cheaper device. It does beg the question, are the hair removers purchased for personal use as good as the licensed machines?

    Medical Laser Machines for Professional Use

    The professional laser hair removal equipment operate using a specific spectrum of light. It targets the hair by heating the follicle until it destroys it. It usually requires several treatments to get all the hairs to stop further growth.

    Personal Hair Removal Devices

    If it’s privacy you’re after, using a personal hair removal device is very appealing. You don’t need to make an appointment to get it done and are able to use it in total seclusion. It’s less expensive as you aren’t paying for the spa treatment. Still, is it really as effective as getting a professional hair removal treatment?

    The truth is that an at-home hair removal laser is not nearly as effective as a professional laser. A personal laser does not have the same intensity, meaning it isn’t as strong, so it takes longer to treat each area of the body. More treatments are needed to slow down the growth of the hair and it may not be as permanent as those at a spa. If you aren’t diligent about keeping to a regular schedule, the hair will simply grow right back.

    Getting a Professional Machine for Home Use

    If you are determined to get the most effective hair removal treatment at home, then you need a professional laser device. While many states require you have a medical background or degree, some will allow you to obtain a license without one. You would need to check with your state regarding the regulations on purchasing a medical laser device. Learn More.

    You can’t Replace a Certified Specialist

    While it may sound like giving yourself a treatment at home is just as good, if not better, than paying for a cosmetic treatment at the spa, it won’t be the same. Regardless of the method of hair removal you use – shaving, waxing, tweezing – the outcome is different. At the spa, you don’t just receive the hair removal. Your certified technician makes sure the treatment matches your skin care needs, applies numbing creams as needed, and other specialized care as needed. It’s about more than just operating a piece of equipment.

    Different cosmetic practices use varying laser hair removal devices, meaning the actual treatment varies as well. Know what you are looking for, then contact local spas to find one that matches your personal needs. See what they can offer you before making an appointment.

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