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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Is Purchasing Used Cosmetic Equipment a Good Idea?

    If you want to help your spa or cosmetic treatment clients achieve all of their goals and look as wonderful as they possibly can, you might want to invest in some cosmetic equipment, such as laser or IPL hair removal equipment. But you might not feel like you have enough capital to spend on expensive pieces of machinery. If so, you aren’t alone. Many business owners just like you have that same problem. One way around that is to purchase used cosmetic equipment at a discount, but is that really a good idea.

    The short answer is yes. Purchasing used cosmetic laser devices is almost always better than purchasing brand new aesthetic laser devices for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:

    Saving Money Up Front:

    One key reason to purchase used laser skin treatment equipment is that you will be saving a lot of money up front. Newer lasers can cost more than $100,000 out of pocket. Even if you can get low-interest financing, why should you bother when used lasers are much more affordable?

    Faster Return on Investment:

    Another reason that used cosmetic equipment is often a better deal is that it offers faster return on investment. For example, let’s say that you have the option of purchasing one used for $50,000 or one new for $100,000. Obviously, the $50,000 investment toward the used machine is going to be earned back faster.

    Less Chance of Needing Repairs:

    Another thing that you may not know is that used cosmetic equipment that is a few years old might have less chance of needing repairs. In recent years, manufacturers have taken to purposely using expendable parts in their machines, knowing that business owners like you will have to pay them more money to repair or replace those parts. Many older models, on the other hand, were built to be more sturdy and long-lasting.

    ‚Äč Easier Maintenance:

    Of course, any medical laser device has the possibility of needing to be repaired at some point. But another thing to consider about used devices is that they might come with easier maintenance. Here’s why:

    • Third Party Companies May Not Know Anything About Repairing Brand New Models
    • Older Components for Used Machines Might Be More Easily Found Online
    • Less Expendable Parts Means Faster, Easier Repairs

    Researching Used Medical Laser Equipment:

    Of course, you can’t just settle for any used equipment, especially sight unseen. That’s why you need to do some in-depth research before making any major buying decisions. Find a couple companies that have verified good reputations and credentials. Then you can choose between them based on the products and services that they offer.

    All that being said, purchasing used cosmetic equipment isn’t the perfect solution for every business owner. Some might prefer to buy new equipment, or simply rent equipment on an as-needed basis. Only you can determine the option that will best fit your business model, your clients’ needs, and your budget constraints. So, be sure to take all of those factors into account before choosing your medical laser device, whether it is used or new.

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