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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Information for Purchasing Medical Lasers

    For those who own a cosmetic practice, there is no better time to purchase a cosmetic laser machine than now. People don’t want to have invasive surgery for cosmetic procedures. Hospitals can be even worse due to the stressful surroundings. For over ten years now, people have been turning to spas to have their treatments. It’s the perfect time to open your own cosmetic business.

    Starting Your Business With Your Own Cosmetic Lasers

    In starting a new business, you may not think you have enough opening capital to afford an aesthetic laser. Not so. Laser devices are a great acquisition for growing your customer base. These devices mean you have more services available to your clients. When you are working with limited financial resources, take a look at buying a previously owned laser device. This choice has pros and cons to it and it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it.

    Pros on Previously Owned Machines

    There is no doubt that the amount you typically save by buying a pre-owned laser machine is significant. New machines cost over $100,000 to buy, which can be out of reach to a new business.

    You will find an added benefit if you purchase your preowned laser equipment from a reputable dealer. Ethical resale companies perform stringent tests on second hand laser machines to verify they are in good working condition. In most cases, you can be confident that your recently purchased laser equipment should not malfunction right away. Click here to read more.

    Cons on Previously Owned Machines

    Be careful about buying previously owned laser devices, as some dealers are less than reputable. That’s especially true when it comes to online resale businesses. Spend the time researching the companies so you can find out whether or not they are legitimate before purchasing anything from them.

    Since most factory warranties are limited to a year or two, it is unlikely your used laser machine will have one that isn’t already expired. That can be turned into a pro, though, if any future repairs still cost less than the expense of buying a brand new laser device. Another con would be if you can’t locate a repair shop within your vicinity that handles repairs on your specific model.

    Lastly, purchasing a pre-owned machine generally means you buy it online without testing it first. Be diligent about researching the laser machine as well as the resale company in order to avoid being scammed. Don’t forget to search for a local repair service who specializes in the model you are looking to purchase and verify their reputation too. Take the steps needed to be confident that your first used laser device is the right one for your practice.

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