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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    How to Purchase the Best Used Cosmetic Laser Equipment

    If you own a business devoted to helping people look their best, such as a spa or cosmetic practice service, it’s definitely worth purchasing used cosmetic equipment to help expand your business. The trick is in finding the best used cosmetic equipment out there. Here are some tips that will help you to spot the best deals.

    Don’t Be Afraid of Older Aesthetic Laser Models:

    First, you should get it out of your head that newer cosmetic equipment is the best. In reality, there haven’t been as many advancements in the cosmetic laser industry during the last decade or so as you might think. So, it makes perfect sense to buy used medical laser equipment, as long the laser in question was manufactured in or after 2004 or so.

    Always Think About Your ROI (Return on Investment):

    Your ROI, or return on investment, is the amount of money you will make from services that utilize your used aesthetic laser device. Think of this in both short-term and long-term ways. The immediate impact of purchasing used laser equipment instead of new aesthetic lasers is that you won’t be spending as much money. That means that the laser will pay for itself faster than a new laser would.

    On the other hand, you have to balance your immediate expenditures and ROI with your projected expenditures and earnings. A used cosmetic laser may become obsolete faster than a new cosmetic laser. Also, older cosmetic lasers may require more repairs than newer models, which could eat into your profits.

    New Cosmetic Laser ROI:

    Even with the issues above, a new cosmetic laser is not likely to pay for itself anywhere near as quickly as a used one. For one thing, new medical lasers can cost as much as four times the amount of used equipment. Also, newer equipment tends to use a lot of consumable parts, which will need to be replaced on a regular basis. That’s why it’s almost always better to purchase refurbished laser equipment.

    Focus on Used Cosmetic Lasers That Perform Certain Treatments:

    Different cosmetic lasers are capable of performing different procedures and treatments. Some may focus on laser hair removal, while others might be better for tattoo removal, wrinkle removal, or other procedures. The best way to determine which used laser to purchase is to start by pinpointing which type of cosmetic procedure you want to provide for your clients. You could even poll some of your regular clients to see what procedures would interest them. Then use that information to start your search.

    Be a Smart Shopper:

    Finally, when you’re ready to shop for that used medical laser, be sure to shop in a smart, informed way. Have a make and model in mind. Then, when you find an online reseller of that make and model, contact them for more details about the cosmetic laser machine. Don’t take their word for the condition or capabilities of the machine. Instead, ask them to verify that the machine is in their possession and is in working order by using a chat program like Skype. That way you can see that you are making a good decision with your own eyes and have no doubts.

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