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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    How to Locate Parts for Aesthetic Laser Devices

    Locating parts for aesthetic laser devices isn’t an easy process, but it’s always a necessary one. You can’t just buy aesthetic laser equipment for your spa or cosmetic process and expect it to never need any repairs. After all, cosmetic lasers have hundreds of components, and each one is capable of malfunctioning at any time. So, just as you would call a service technician to fix your computer, you may need to call one to fix your cosmetic laser device.

    Not All Machines Are Equal:

    Each passing year and new cosmetic laser model brings with it new components that aren’t found in older cosmetic laser machines. Those new components are not just new to business owners. They are also new to repair technicians. What that means for you as a business owner, is that you might want to avoid purchasing brand new aesthetic laser devices because you may be unable to find anyone to repair them or find the right parts for them.

    Doesn’t the Manufacturer Provide Parts and Repairs?

    You might be thinking that you can just get parts for aesthetic laser devices straight from the manufacturer, and the manufacture will also send a technician to do the repairs. Well, you are right. Manufactures want to keep the money flowing in. So, they will offer annual service contracts, but most of those contracts require you to pay fees each month, which can add up fast. If you have any budget concerns at all, you should avoid manufacturer repair and parts plans.

    Simple Cosmetic Laser Repairs:

    There may be some simple repairs that you can do to your own cosmetic laser machine. However, you can’t do those repairs without the right parts. So, that still brings us back to the original problem of finding a good source for parts that go to your particular machine. You also need to remember that not all repairs will be that simple. You will almost definitely need some sort of tech support eventually.

    The Two Top Ways to Avoid Parts Problems:

    There are two primary ways to avoid having problems finding the right parts for your aesthetic laser device. The first is to find a third party repair business in your area before you ever buy the laser you are considering. Make sure that they are able to consistently get access to the parts you might need for that model.

    The second way to avoid parts problems is to try to get an older model of aesthetic laser, but it’s a fine line to walk. You need to get a model that is new enough to still be serviced by local companies and to offer the capabilities that you want. On the other hand, you need to get a model that doesn’t have as many consumable parts as newer models. That way it will probably not need repairs or parts quite so often.

    Just remember that, any way you look at it, you will need repairs at some point. But as long as the company you choose for your repair services offers parts for aesthetic laser devices that are the same make and model as yours, you should find that the repair process is quick and easy. Soon your machine will be back up and running, and you will be able to keep your customers happy.

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