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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    How to Expand Your Practice by Adding Aesthetic Lasers

    Adding Aesthetic Lasers to Your Medical Practice

    If you are a business owner who happens to be in the cosmetic procedure industry, you probably already know the popularity of laser skincare treatments. There are multiple types of medical laser devices and procedures. They can do anything from reduce wrinkles to remove unwanted hair, but that doesn’t mean that you can just purchase any machines you want and expect to expand your business overnight. Here’s how to expand your practice by adding aesthetic lasers in the proper way.

    Pick Your Primary Procedures

    One of the biggest mistakes that some spa or cosmetic business owners make is trying to take on too much at once. It’s a much better idea to offer a small assortment of procedures that your entire staff is comfortable with. Make sure that each technician in your employ has the proper certifications to perform those procedures as well.

    The advantage of sticking to one niche, such as wrinkle removal or hair removal, is that your clients will look at you as an expert on that particular type of procedure. Also, you will be able to invest in particular aesthetic lasers that complement the skill set of your staff. Granted, you may have to refer a few people to other clinics, but your regular customers will appreciate how well you know your niche market and how advanced your skills are in that particular skincare field.

    Purchase the Appropriate Medical Laser

    Once you decide on your focus niche, it will be time to purchase the appropriate laser medical equipment. You can choose to buy either new or used cosmetic laser devices. Used lasers are less expensive, but new lasers are likely to come with longer warranties. Of course, if you are unsure of what you want, you could always rent an aesthetic laser on a monthly basis until you make up your mind.

    Project Confidence

    The best way to make sure that adding aesthetic lasers to your practice is a success is to always project confidence when you perform each procedure, and make sure that all of your staff members do the same. Your clients are sure to recognize confidence and skill, and they will also be willing to pay for that confidence and skill. If, on the other hand, you falter at all, it may cause them to look elsewhere to have future procedures done.

    Set Reasonable Prices

    When you start to offer new aesthetic laser procedures, it’s also important to set reasonable prices. Don’t undersell yourself and your abilities. People understand that cosmetic procedures take time and effort, as well as skill. They are usually willing to pay fairly for that time, effort, and skill. If you want to give discounts to regular clients occasionally, that’s great. But, as a general rule, you shouldn’t lower your prices to compete with others in your field. Instead, just have confidence in your skills.

    Promote Any Procedures You Offer

    Finally, it’s important to promote any procedures you offer well. Whether it’s a new aesthetic laser procedure or some other type of cosmetic procedure, such as botox injections. Make sure that all of your regular clients know about any new procedures you offer. After all, your new aesthetic lasers won’t promote themselves. Word of mouth is what will help you to use them to build up your business.

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