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Aesthetic Laser Technology

How to Purchase Medical Lasers

If you own a cosmetics practice or clinic, you may want to start expanding that practice. One way to do that is with medical laser devices. But when it comes to how to acquire medical lasers there are so many choices. You could choose a lease-to-own program. You could simply buy a medical laser, or you could rent one. How do you know the best choice for you?

Cheapest Now Isn’t Always Cheapest Later

If there’s one lesson you need to learn before acquiring medical lasers it’s the lesson that spending doesn’t stop with your initial rental or purchase. For instance, if you choose to rent, you will be paying ongoing rental fees whenever you want to have the laser present at your clinic. Now, if you only want to offer cosmetic laser services one day a month, rental might make sense. However, if you plan to offer such services more regularly than that, you might be better off to lease or buy your chosen aesthetic laser machine.

You also need to think about other costs. Here are some things to consider:

  • A brand new machine might cost upwards of $100,000 to buy.
  • Rented machines may be more likely to malfunction and cause repair delays and lost income.
  • Newer machines often have more consumable repairs and will require regular maintenance.

Ownership Advantages and Disadvantages

Owning your own medical lasers has several advantages and disadvantages. One major advantage is that you can offer laser treatments to your clients all the time. They wouldn’t have to worry about scheduling procedures only for a specific day that you happen to have a medical laser available. Another major advantage is that you can get to know your laser device. You will be able to rely on it more, whereas a rented cosmetic laser might be a little less familiar and dependable.

Of course, there are disadvantages of purchasing laser devices outright too. The initial cost is one issue. Another is the fact that it’s a major investment. So, you won’t just be able to switch laser devices whenever you want. You will have to hope that the one you purchase will live up to your expectations. It can also be difficult to get properly trained in how to use brand new laser devices. It can be a lot like flying blind. Click for example.

Medical Laser Rental Advantages and Disadvantages

Renting aesthetic laser devices also has its own unique benefits and challenges. One benefit is that you can also rent the services of a trained technician who can operate the machine for you. Another is that you can easily try a different type of machine whenever you feel the need. You can even rent new machines as they are released onto the market, if you want to stay current on the latest and greatest advancements.

Just remember that rented laser equipment is not always the most reliable. Also, it’s not worth sinking a lot of money into repeated cosmetic laser rental. If you plan to offer such services to clients all the time, investing in your own medical laser machines might be a much better idea.