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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Guide To Purchasing Previously Owned Cosmetic Lasers

    When you first open a cosmetic practice or a spa, money is tight. Instead of purchasing all the equipment you desire for your business, you have to choose what you can afford. Even then, there is little to no wiggle room with the finances until the business is well established. Unfortunately, to get your business up and running, you really need to purchase at least one cosmetic laser. There is a way to do it without taking out a loan. Consider purchasing a previously owned cosmetic laser.

    Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Purchase Laser Equipment

    It is a fact that laser treatments are popular among clients. Even early on when the devices were new to the industry, word about how well they took care of skin issues spread like wildfire. With modern advancements, each new model that came out was an improvement on the previous equipment. Lasers have only become more popular over time. Clients seek businesses that offer the procedures they want and will go to another clinic when they cannot find it at yours.

    Know How Much You Can Afford

    If you are contemplating the purchase of a laser device, make sure you know exactly how much you can spend. Remember to include the cost of certifying or training your technicians in the use of a laser according to your state requirements. Future repairs need to also be factored in, including any shipping costs. Try to find a laser within your budget  and be prepared to say no to anything over that amount. With previously owned lasers costing a fraction of the price of new ones, you can save a lot of money by investing in one of your own.

    Know Which Services To Offer

    Spend a bit of time checking local businesses to see which treatments they do not cover. Choosing a treatment not offered elsewhere will draw clients toward your business. However, sometimes the most popular treatment is the best one to offer. Do some research and see what you can learn to make the best decision for your business. Learn which procedures your customers want before making a final decision as to which laser device to get. If your clients are not interested in a particular treatment, think twice before selecting it.

    Where To Start The Search For A Previously Owned Laser

    Check into local cosmetic repair shops to see if they have a laser machine for sale. This would be ideal as they would also be able to repair the machine if it later malfunctions. Even if they do not, they may know of a customer who is selling theirs. You might also want to look into bank repossessions as medical practices sometimes go bankrupt.

    Shopping Online

    Of course, one of the most popular places to find previously owned laser equipment is through the internet. It puts most resale websites at your fingertips, rather than driving from one location to the next to look at one or two models. Be careful when shopping on the internet, however, as there are less than reputable individuals who have no qualms about scamming you.

    However, if you are careful, you can find the right dealer (learn more). Look for one that has a large selection of pre-owned laser machines. The site should be professional looking. There will be contact information listed on the site, including the address of their headquarters. The sales person should be knowledgeable about the devices and capable of answering all your questions. They should also be more than willing to video conference with you, the potential customer.

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