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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Guidance on Renting Aesthetic Laser Equipment

    If you are just beginning your business, renting the laser equipment may be a wonderful method to grow your customer foundation. Renting the machines not only means you can provide various services, but that you can bring in more customers. If you find that people aren’t interested in certain procedures, you return the equipment without losing capital. Should certain services work out, it may be appealing to purchase your own machine. That may not be a viable option for all owners, though.

    Relevant Data for Purchasing an Aesthetic Laser

    Before you buy your own medical laser equipment, understand that it will consume a good portion of your reserve funds. The truth is that just one machine may cost you over $100,000 to purchase. Any repairs or service guarantees would be in addition to that initial cost.

    Renting Cosmetic Laser Equipment for Right Now

    If you’ve just started a new business, you probably don’t have a lot of capital yet to purchase expensive devices like a new laser machine. You can understand why renting would be a good choice for the time being. What money you do have available may be needed for other investments right now.

    You gain more options for your business by choosing the short-term rental of an aesthetic laser. It doesn’t cost as much immediately as it would to purchase it. Plus, you can take the time to decide whether or not you want to provide that particular treatment long-term. It gives you the benefit of finding out if your customers like or want that service while you educate yourself on the use of the equipment.

    Aesthetic Lasers Vary in Design

    By renting medical lasers, you can try out the various designs and discover how each functions while keeping your costs low. Your customers have a variety of skin types and various machines provide various outcomes. Renting different lasers will help you to select the right machine to best treat your customers without breaking your wallet.

    Treatment Types with Laser Equipment

    Medical laser machines are not just for hair removal. They have a variety of cosmetic uses such as scar reduction, tightening skin, tattoo removal, stretch mark removal, and so on.

    Reality on Purchasing as Opposed to Leasing or Renting

    Renting, leasing, and purchasing your aesthetic laser device all have their own benefits and drawbacks. Most of the time, leasing can be deductible on your taxes. In some years, dependent on tax code section 179, it would be far more beneficial to purchase the equipment for an increased tax deduction. Something else to consider is that renting may cost more in the end than it would have to make a one time purchase.

    A final thought to leave you with is that if you rent or lease the laser device, you always have the option to update the machine as needed. Your practice can adapt to the times, which is a big advantage.

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