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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Guarantee You Will Always Have a Working Aesthetic Laser

    If you are thinking of purchasing an aesthetic laser to add to your cosmetics practice, there are a lot of variables to consider. Do you have the money to buy a brand new machine? If not, do you want to search for used laser equipment for sale? What about renting one, instead? Those are all good questions, but there’s one question that you may not be thinking about. Who is going to maintain your equipment once you buy it?

    It might not seem like an important question right now, but it really is. You can build up your cosmetic procedure business quickly using these machines, but what happens if they suddenly stop working? The simple answer is your clients won’t be able to have their procedures performed by you. Some of them might wait until your machinery is repaired, but others might choose to have the procedures done elsewhere. That’s why you can’t afford to have a malfunctioning machine unless it can be fixed quickly.

    How Often Do Laser Devices Usually Malfunction?

    It’s hard to say if or when your laser might malfunction. Some can go for years without problems, but others might need repairs fairly quickly. You should keep in mind that these are intricate machines with many different moving parts. The more they are used or moved around, the more likely they are to need repairs.

    Also, consider the fact that the manufacturers of these machines want to make money on more than just the initial sale of the devices. So, many of them deliberately design their machines with parts that will eventually break down. That way business owners like you will need to purchase new parts from them.

    Do These Machines Come with Warranties?

    Of course, many of these machines do come with warranties. However, the warranties do eventually expire. So, even though you might not have to worry about repairs for the length of the warranty, you should still consider what happens after the warranties expire. Learn-more.

    Repair and Maintenance Plans Through the Original Manufactures

    The manufacturers have this issue covered as well. They all offer repair and maintenance plans, which you can sign up for after the warranty expires on your laser machine. However, most maintenance plans will involve paying an annual fee. Why would you want to pay all year just in case your machine breaks? Wouldn’t it be better to only pay for repairs on an as needed basis?

    How to Locate Third Party Repair Technicians

    Third party repair companies thrive because they tend to not require annual maintenance fees. Instead, they only charge for repairs when businesses need those repairs. That’s why you might want to consider having all of your repairs done through a third party company. Buy you should keep these things in mind:

    • Not all makes and models are repaired by all companies.
    • Most companies may not have technicians with the ability or experience necessary to repair newer models
    • There may not be a third party repair company that services your area at all. If there is, they may not service your particular brand of laser machine.

    What that all boils down to is that you should probably find a repair company and see what makes and models they will repair ahead of time. Then you can purchase a device that they will be able to service for you.

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