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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Growing Your Client Base By Adding Cosmetic Lasers

    Over time, it can become increasingly difficult to bring new clients through the door. Offering a wide variety of services is a great way to grow your business. When your client base needs enlarging, it may be time to consider adding cosmetic laser services.

    The Beginnings Of The Cosmetic Laser Industry

    The original laser was invented over half a century ago. Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It has since been developed for military, scientific, medical, and commercial purposes. The use of lasers for cosmetic purposes only came about several decades ago. Using a single wavelength of light based energy, lasers can target specific cells for treatment. Over time, technical advancements improved medical lasers not only to reduce the size of the equipment, but also to improve how effective their applications were.

    Laser devices today come in a wide variety of designs and settings to accommodate many different skin care needs. Skin tightening, tattoo and scar removal, hair removal, and cellulite treatments are just a few of the services covered by laser treatments. However, there is no single laser that can treat all the various skin care issues. You will need to determine which services you want to provide at your clinic before selecting the right laser device for your business needs.

    Planning For Laser Services

    Don’t start shopping for a new laser device just yet. Instead, look carefully at your current budget and what it may be down the road. Deciding to offer laser services is not something you can do spontaneously. Understanding your current financial status is only a part of it. If this is the first time you will be adding a laser service to your business, you will need to consider the long-term costs in obtaining a device, including future repairs. Don’t forget that technicians will need to be trained to operate the equipment according to the requirements in your state.

    Options For Obtaining Cosmetic Lasers

    Let your budget guide you when obtaining a cosmetic laser for your clinic. Renting, leasing, and purchasing each have their own benefits to consider.

    • Renting is the best option when your budget is extremely limited. It is also the best option if this is the first time you will be offering a specific service and don’t know how well it will do. Renting a laser device and offering the service on a trial basis will allow you to decide if it will be lucrative enough for your business or not. If no one is interested in the service, simply return the device without further cost to you. Another benefit to renting is that you can rent a specific laser model to try out before purchasing one of your own.
    • Leasing is another option for limited budgets. Like renting, you pay a set amount each month. The difference is that you must sign a contract to lease for a predetermined time period (often a year). You can usually extend the contract for another year if you like the device. Just make certain repairs are covered in the lease so you won’t incur the costs.
    • Purchasing a device yourself is expensive, but enticing. For a new business, this option may be too far out of reach. If the budget allows it and you are certain of which laser model you need, consider purchasing a previously owned model at a lesser cost than new equipment. Down the road, you will be able to purchase a new laser of your own.

    With each of these options, your business can begin increasing your profit margin immediately while steadily increasing your client base.

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