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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Getting Parts for Your Aesthetic Laser Device

    Sourcing Parts For Aesthetic Lasers

    If you have an aesthetic laser device as part of your spa or cosmetic procedure business, you know how vital that device is. It provides valuable services on which your clients depend. Without it, ask yourself where your business would be. The answer isn’t good, is it? That’s why it can be such a problem when that device breaks down, even for a little while.

    On the other hand, maybe you don’t have a laser hair removal equipment yet at all. Maybe you are just now looking into adding one to your business for the first time. Well, if that’s the case, one thing you might not have thought of is getting parts for your machine. You might just assume that it is built to last.

    Why Assuming Your Laser is Built to Last is Bad

    There are a couple reasons why assuming that your laser will go a long time without breaking down is bad. The first is simple probability. Lasers can have thousands of parts. If any one of those parts malfunctions, your entire device may malfunction. So, probability seems to indicate that break downs from time to time are almost a given.

    The other issue is that some manufacturers deliberately design lasers to have what are known as consumable parts. Those are parts designed to stop working after a certain amount of use. By doing that, manufacturers can encourage business owners to come back to them for replacement parts, which puts more money into the pockets of the manufacturers.

    Can’t You Just Count on Getting Parts from the Manufacturers?

    Based on the information above, you might just assume that you can always get parts from the manufacturers. Well, you could, but once the warranty on your laser device expires manufacturers might charge you a lot of money for parts and labor. That’s why it may be more beneficial to have your repairs done by a third party company that specializes in cosmetic laser repair.

    What to Look for in a Third Party Company

    When you are looking for a third party company to repair your medical laser equipment, you should make sure that you have the following information:

    • How close by is the company?
    • How soon do they usually respond to calls?
    • What makes and models are they capable of repairing?
    • How long have they been in business?
    • Can they provide references that you can verify?
    • Are their prices reasonable?
    • Do they require any sort of service contracts?

    If the company answers all of your questions in a satisfactory way, you might have found your laser repair source. Learn More.

    Why You Should Try to Work in Reverse

    If you don’t actually have a laser machine yet, it might be best to work in reverse. That is, you should see what repair companies are in your local area and which models they will service. You can then use that information to find a make and model that is on their list. Whereas, if you were to purchase a machine and then look for a repair company, you might find that none around you are capable of performing the work. They you would be at the mercy of the machine’s manufacture whenever you needed to have repairs performed and your clients could have a long wait before you would be back to providing the services that they want.

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