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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Facts You Need to Know About Home Laser Hair Removal Equipment

    The laser hair removal movement began in the mid to late 1990s. Seemingly overnight, huge numbers of people were going in for medical laser hair removal procedures to get rid of unwanted hair. But not everyone was satisfied with that. So, companies began to sell do-it-yourself laser hair removal devices that would supposedly allow people to remove unwanted hair in the comfort of their own homes. Since then, both clinic and at-home methods have been consistently expanding. But there are some facts you need to know about home laser hair removal equipment before you try it.

    It Doesn’t Do the Same Thing That Professional Lasers Do:

    If you think that home laser hair removal equipment works the same way as professional lasers, think again. The professional lasers have a lot more power and precision. That’s why they are used by certified professionals.

    The biggest difference between the two basic types, at-home and professional, is that the professional machines attack hair follicles (the roots of the hairs). By causing the roots to die or become inactive, professional technicians using professional medical laser equipment can get rid of your unwanted hair for months, if not permanently. Although, it may take a few treatments.

    At-home cosmetic laser devices can only offer gentle, weak light pulses. Those are usually not enough to attack the hairs at the roots. In other words, the surface hair might be thinned out a bit or seem to be removed entirely, but it will grow back quickly. Not only that, but in some cases it may grow back thicker or more noticeable than before.

    What This Means to At-Home Users:

    That doesn’t mean that at-home laser hair removal equipment is automatically bad. It can be quite convenient when you’re in a hurry. What it does mean is that you should expect to have to use that equipment often (in some cases daily) to keep ahead of the re-growth of the hair. If that doesn’t sound like something you want to do, you may want to reconsider having your hair professionally removed.

    The Use of Professional Laser Devices in Home Settings:

    There are certain U.S. states that will actually allow anyone to purchase a professional cosmetic laser device and use it in their own home with no medical knowledge. However, anyone who chooses to do that still has to go through a certification process to learn how to use the device. You might consider that, if your state allows it. That would allow you to remove your own unwanted hairs, and possibly even those of family members and friends. Just make sure that you are following the laws in your state. Click for more information.

    Professional Treatments Come from Professionals:

    One final fact you need to know is that professional treatments come from professionals. In other words, it’s difficult to achieve the same results at home as you would at a spa or clinic, even if you purchase professional laser hair removal equipment. So, you might want to settle for using at-home devices occasionally until you can get the time and money together to receive professional treatments.

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