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Aesthetic Laser Technology

Are you noticing that you’re not getting as many clients into your cosmetics practice as you’d like lately? If so, it might be time to try some new tactics to get people in the door. One such tactic is the addition of an aesthetic laser machine.

How Have Aesthetic Laser Devices Changed in Recent History?

You probably already know that laser machines have been used to treat wrinkles for a long time. But it wasn’t until the 1990s that the laser skincare industry really began to expand. Since then it has expanded rapidly to the point where there are a lot of different types of devices you could add to your practice.

Early on it was common for lasers to zap away shallow wrinkles, but today’s lasers can handle a lot more skin problems of varying intensities. Now lasers can be used for treating deep wrinkles, scarring, cellulite deposits, and many other types of skin blemishes. Some types can even be used to get rid of body hair. All of those procedures are extremely popular, which is why your practice could definitely benefit from one or more aesthetic laser machines.

Make Sure You Are Prepared to Add Laser Devices

You can’t just randomly add laser machines to your cosmetic procedure business. First you will need to determine who will be performing the procedures. You can either hire someone who is already certified or you or your existing staff members can take classes to get the right certifications. Keep in mind that hiring a new person might be the quickest option, but your current client base might be a bit leery about having a procedure done by someone they don’t know.

You also need to be prepared in terms of your budget. If business has been slow, a laser can definitely help you to improve it. But the catch is that you might not have the capital to invest in a brand new laser device. A good way to get around that problem is to rent one. That can help you start to turn a profit quickly, as well as allow you to experiment with different machines until you find one that your clients seem to like the best.

The New Versus Used Laser Debate

When you are ready to buy your own laser device for your practice, you will have to choose a new one or a used one. The debate over new or used devices is one that is partly a matter of your personal preference, and your budget also has a lot to do with it. But generally used devices are going to be the best investment.

First of all, a used laser can cost as little as half the amount of a new device. That initial savings can be invested into other areas of your business. Second, investing less money to begin with means that the device will be paid off faster, earning your business a profit much quicker than a new machine would. When making your final decision, just remember that used machines are capable of performing just as well as new models, as long as they aren’t more than 5 years or so old.