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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Cosmetic Treatments To Reduce Body Fat

    How Cosmetic Lasers and Other Treatments Can Reduce Body Fat

    If you run a clinic, spa, or other business devoted to helping people improve their physical image, you may definitely want to utilize fat reducing procedures to increase your business. While it’s true that there’s no real substitute for a proper diet and exercise routine, most people are amazed at the relatively simple procedures that can temporarily reduce body fat. Here are a few to consider.

    Radio Frequency Treatments (RF)

    Radio frequency treatments work by heating up skin cells, causing collagen and elastin to tighten up the bonds between the cells. That leads to smoother skin. So, radio frequency treatments can be used to reduce cellulite bumps and smooth out the skin’s surface. They work on various body parts as well, including arms, legs, and stomachs. So, if you are looking for treatments that are relatively easy to perform but appeal to a wide audience, RF treatments might be a good option.

    Another thing that can work in your favor as a business owner is that RF treatments generally need to be repeated quite a few times, which means a lot of revenue for you. Typically, a complete RF treatment costs anywhere from $2,500 to $4,500 depending on the type of RF device used.

    Fat Freezing Treatments

    Another treatment you might want to consider offering to clients is a freezing technique that often goes by the name CoolSculpting. The fat cells die off when they are frozen, and since blood and other substances in the body don’t freeze at the same temperature, no other harm is done. That being said, CoolSculpting should never be done on the arms or any other parts of the body where nerves are too close to the skin’s surface.

    A CoolSculpting treatment can cost $1,000 or more per part of the body that is treated. Also, since it takes a while for the dead fat cells to be naturally flushed out of the patient’s system, weight loss may not be obvious for up to a month. However, those who struggle with diets and exercise plans think the treatments are well worth the cost and waiting time.

    Cosmetic Laser Treatments

    Of course, cosmetic laser treatments are staples of most cosmetic clinics. The medical laser devices can specifically target problem areas, smoothing out the skin and making the patient look much better. Some cosmetic lasers are even designed to zap away unwanted fat, almost like a much less invasive version of a tummy tuck. Granted, tummy tucks typically show more pronounced results and show them faster than cosmetic laser procedures. Read More.

    The bottom line is that the fat busting industry is a big business. If you want to get in on that business, cosmetic lasers, RF treatments, freezing techniques, and other skincare procedures are definitely things that you need to familiarize yourself with and potentially offer to your clients. They will definitely improve your business in a very short length of time. Your clients will be thrilled with the new variety of cosmetic laser treatments you are offering.

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