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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Cosmetic Laser Scam Avoidance Tips

    When you feel that you are ready to buy a preowned cosmetic laser for your spa or physician’s office, it’s a major step that you’re about to take. The amount of money you will be spending definitely means that the process deserves your full attention and a lot of thought. Should you buy a brand new device or a used one? Which model would be best? Those are certainly good questions to ask yourself, but there’s another question you might have ignored. How do you avoid cosmetic laser scams?

    The Internet and Medical Equipment Sales

    The popularity of the internet has given new and used medical equipment sales a huge boost in recent years. Busy business owners can hop online and find the exact type of machinery that they need in a matter of minutes. That’s the good news.

    The bad news is that you, as one of those busy business owners, need to be extra vigilant about how you spend your money online. Not every website is as legitimate as it appears to be at first glance. Since a laser device is such a huge investment, you definitely shouldn’t send your money to the first company you come across. Here are some tips to help you invest your money as safely as possible.

    Carefully Examine the Reputation of the Company

    Every medical equipment company online is going to claim to have a great reputation. Their websites are sure to include a bunch of glowing reviews from supposedly satisfied customers, but those reviews are not to be trusted. They can easily be false testimonials made up to puff up a dealer’s reputation.

    The real evidence of a company’s reputation is going to be found in other places, such as on third party review websites. Be sure to pay attention to reviews that contain both pros and cons about a company. That’s usually a sign that they come from real people. A review that sounds too good to be true probably is.

    Examine the Company’s Product Sales Pages

    Any legitimate reseller of medical equipment is going to have more than just one device for sale. Those with the best selections and that seem to post the most information about each product are more likely to be honest companies. A website that looks hastily mashed together with limited information might be the work of a scammer.

    Question Absolutely Everything That You See

    Don’t take any information that you see on a laser device website at face value. Question everything. Is there a company name and address listed? If so, look up that information to see if they are real. The same goes for any listed phone number. A quick search on any search engine can reveal a lot of information about an address or phone number that you may find helpful.

    Buying Online Doesn’t Have to Mean Buying Blind

    Finally, remember that you don’t necessarily have to buy a product sight unseen when you purchase it online. Technology is a wonderful thing. You can request that a company representative video conference call with you using a program like Skype. That will allow you to ask questions face to face and see the machinery for yourself. Although that doesn’t 100% guarantee a company’s legitimacy, it certainly helps.

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