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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Cosmetic Laser Repair

    Right after purchasing a cosmetic laser from the manufacturer, you are protected by a warranty period. During this time period, anything that happens to the aesthetic laser is the responsibility of the manufacturer. Depending on your negotiation skills, you have a 1 – 2 year grace period where they cover all the costs involved with repairing your cosmetic laser. This is often referred to the honey-moon period.

    After the honey-moon period, you are a married couple. You now are required to pay an annual “service contract” of approximately $10,000/year. This is less like a married couple and more like paying alimony. The service contract includes everything except what it should, service. Should anything happen to the machine, they will charge you for labor and parts. The $10,000 per year you are paying is just to have them on a “retainer”.

    It seems that there are no other options aside from paying the service contract. The truth is, it depends. There are other options, there “third party service companies”. These third party service companies have the ability to repair your cosmetic laser or IPL device. Again, you need to be cautious who you work with.

    Most third party service repair companies specialize in specific manufacturers. Very few have the ability to repair medical lasers across various manufacturers. You should know before buying your machine if you have access to someone who can repair the specific laser or IPL from that manufacturer. This will help you in being profitable on your investment and lower your annual cost significantly.

    Another benefit to third party service companies repairing the cosmetic laser is they generally don’t require service contracts. They work “a-la-cart”, so you pay for the services you receive.

    Again, be careful of who you work with. It is very important to call the references of whom they are currently providing aesthetic laser repair services. Some companies claim to be able to repair your esthetic laser equipment, and then will constantly tell you more and more is wrong with it to increase the costs. Basically, they are taking advantage of you.

    It is highly recommended you confirm with 2-3 confirmed businesses that they have a relationship with. Spending a few extra minutes upfront will save you time and money in the long run.

    Two key points for maintaining your medical laser and IPL machines:

    1. Secure a reputable third party cosmetic laser repair company prior to buying a machine

    2. Maintain your equipment and do preventative maintenance regularly

    Once you secure a reputable aesthetic laser repair company, you will be able to operate your cosmetic laser business in a much more profitable fashion. You will not be held hostage to a service contract. Read More.

    Preventative maintenance is something that can help you save even more money. By simply checking the energy, replacing flash lamps, cleaning the inside of the laser, ensuring there is not dust inside – critical because dust will ruin optics and damaged optics will ruin the fiber. Basically, spend a few dollars a year in preventative maintenance just like you do with your car and an oil change. It goes a long way.

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