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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Cosmetic Laser Equipment Buying Guide

    So you’ve started a cosmetic practice and have a small client base. Now what? The next step is begin building on that foundation by increasing the services you offer. That’s a great way to keep the clients you already have and begin to grow your practice. That means purchasing a cosmetic laser that will contribute to your business while not bankrupting your bank account. It means purchasing a pre-owned laser device.

    Avoid the Financing

    One great benefit to purchasing a refurbished or used model is that it will cost far less than a new model. Often, practices have to finance the laser when purchasing since the devices cost anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 new. The last problem a new business needs is to start out with a hefty debt.

    Warranties Are Not Included

    Understand that used or refurbished lasers will rarely come with a manufacturer warranty. The original warranty is usually already expired. That isn’t something to be overly concerned with, however, as long as you are able to find a local repair center that services the laser equipment you purchase. Finding someone local is a benefit, in fact, since it can be serviced right there and back to working with a short turn around time. They also tend to charge less for the repair than the manufacturer would charge.

    Buyer Beware

    Just as there are many reputable resale dealers out in the world, there are plenty of scam artists too. There are numerous websites that are fake, as in they post pictures of the product, but you never receive the product after paying for it. Check to see if they have an address and verify the business exists. Request a live chat via Skype or some other social media where you can speak to a live person. If they can’t respond to your questions with knowledgeable answers or refuse to work with you, walk away.

    Research, Research, Research

    If a friend recommends you purchase a certain make and model of car, do you run right out and purchase it? The smart answer is no, you review all your options first. Selecting a brand and model of laser should be no different. Asking for recommendations is a great idea, don’t take someone’s word on it. So some diligent research of your own. Know what models are highly rated in results and what aren’t so you walk into the deal well informed about your choices.

    Comparative Pricing

    Don’t restrict yourself to just one or two sources. When you start your search, you probably first think of the internet or trying to locate a store or showroom. Other sources should include checking for bank repossessions, possible trades with other clinics, and local repair centers that not only service, but resell used models.

    Search as many sources as you can to find the best prices within reason. Just remember, if the price is too low, it may not really be a bargain. Is that particular model so outdated that it will do more harm to your business than good? Does it have a bad reputation? Generally when something sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is.

    Have a Plan of Action

    You know you want to grow your business and increase client satisfaction by adding another service to your cosmetic practice. The next step is to figure out what you want your business to the future. Don’t just add a laser device for the sake of having one. Make sure the device you purchase is going to move your practice in the direction you want. If the plan is to focus on scar reduction and skin conditions, is buying a hair removal laser going to be the right choice? Keep your ultimate business goal in mind.

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