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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Comprehension and Purchasing Pre-owned Aesthetic Lasers

    Cosmetic lasers come in a wide variety these days. Laser hair removal and wrinkle reduction are usually what comes to mind when you hear someone say “medical laser”. These machines actually have additional uses. Dental and ophthalmic treatments can also be done when using certain medical lasers. Additionally, some machines can provide different types of surgery.

    If you own a cosmetic practice and are looking to expand the business with additional services, it makes sense that you would choose to buy a used laser device. Your clients would be very happy with the following non-surgical services:

    • Improved Skin Tone
    • Reduction of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
    • Hair Removal
    • Blemish & Superficial Scar Removal
    • Skin Resurfacing and Rejuvenation

    Results vs. Expense of New Cosmetic Lasers

    Owners of cosmetic practices face the obstacle of keeping profits versus expenses in check when buying aesthetic laser machines. s the expected profit going to exceed the expenses and is the client receiving the services they wanted? When a single laser device costs over $100,000 to purchase new, some owners are too cash strapped to acquire one. It doesn’t matter how profitable it will be down the road if they can’t afford it now.

    Resolving the Dilemma

    The answer to the money issue is to buy a pre-owned laser machine instead of buying a new device. Reducing your immediate expenses is a great reason to buy used equipment. In addition, dealers with integrity make sure to test machines for errors and disrepair. In essence, the machine is almost good as new.

    If you want to simply provide standard cosmetic procedures, a recycled cosmetic laser would be advisable. In that case, you don’t need the most recent or top of the line device in existence. You just need something that works and can carry out the procedures you are looking to offer.

    Advice for Purchasing the Correct Used Cosmetic Laser Device

    Now that you are prepared to buy a previously owned medical laser machine, you will need to look for an honorable dealer who has them available. A quick check on the internet will turn up numerous choices, but you have to spend some time eliminating fraudulent or dishonest brokers.

    Your best option is to locate a dealer with an actual location you can go to and see their wares. Nothing is as good as being able to touch the product. Peruse the various machines at your leisure to see all that they have available. Internet dealers don’t all have physical stores and instead just provide images on their internet store. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but not when it comes to purchasing a laser device. You always have the option of requesting that they display the equipment to you via an internet video conferencing service. It gives an opportunity to chat live with the dealer and ask any questions you have. If they aren’t willing to do this or don’t provide knowledgeable answers, you don’t want to deal with them anyways.

    Be well informed about the type of cosmetic lasers you are seeking before you head out to buy the machine. Dealers like to steer you toward high-end models. Insist on scrutinizing multiple versions, then choose accordingly. Your final decision needs to be the model you want to help your business grow.

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