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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Choosing Between Various Types of Medical Lasers For Sale

    How To Decide Which Medical Laser To Buy?

    As someone who is in the cosmetics industry, you probably already know about all the great things that medical lasers can do. The question is not whether you should add one to your practice. The question is which one would suit your practice best.

    What Service Do You Want to Provide?

    It might seem obvious, but the first thing to consider when you’re ready to get a laser machine is the type of treatment service you want to provide to your clients. After all, there are many different treatments available, and they are all done by different machines. Here are some options to think about:

    • Laser Skin Resurfacing
    • Scar Treatments
    • Wrinkle Reduction
    • Tattoo Removal/Obscuring
    • Fat and Cellulite Elimination

    You might think that your options are limited by the types of services that you yourself are qualified and certified to provide. However, you do have the option of getting more certifications. You can also rent the services of a trained technician, or hire one outright on a full-time basis. So, that doesn’t necessarily have to influence your decision.

    The thing that should actually influence your decision is identifying the needs of your existing clients, as well as those of the general public in your area. For instance, if your practice is located near sunny beaches, people might be more interested in treatments for dry skin, wrinkles, or sun spots. All of those can be caused by too much time spent at the beach. If your practice is in a more urban area, you might want to adjust your services accordingly.

    Is Presenting a Perfect Image Important to You and Your Clients?

    The next question is how important is image to you and to your clients? If you think that having a brand new laser device is vital so that you show that you have a state-of-the-art facility, so be it. But that’s really the only reason to buy a brand new device. Used medical lasers for sale that are up to three or four years old can be just as good and cost a fraction of the money.

    Do You Want to Test the Waters?

    You should also ask yourself if you are completely comfortable adding a laser device to your practice on a full-time basis right away. It might be a better idea to test the waters, first. You can do that by renting a machine on a temporary basis. If necessary, you can also rent the services of a technician to operate the device.

    Remember to Balance Business Needs with Client Needs

    When you make the decision to buy or rent a laser for your practice, be sure to keep both the needs of your clients and the needs of your business in mind. If you don’t have a lot of capital available right now, choose a less expensive way to introduce a laser device to your practice. But, if you have the money to spend, getting a newer model might be well worth it, especially since it should last for quite a while.

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