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Aesthetic Laser Technology

Understanding and Buying Used Medical Lasers

There are many used medical lasers for sale today. You might think of the term “medical laser” as only meaning lasers for wrinkle removal or hair removal, but the truth is that they can also be used for other purposes. For instance, some medical lasers are used for dentistry or ophthalmology procedures. Others may be used for various forms of surgery.

Nevertheless, the main reason you might be thinking of purchasing used medical lasers is if you have a spa business and want to offer cosmetic laser treatments to your guests. Here are some fairly non-invasive procedures that your spa guests might appreciate:

  1. Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Removal
  2. Removal of Lesions and Mild Scar Tissue
  3. General Skin Rejuvenation or Resurfacing
  4. Laser Hair Removal

Cost-Effectiveness of New Medical Lasers

The problem that many business owners encounter when purchasing medical lasers is weighing the cost-effectiveness of the laser equipment against the needs of the clients and the projected income of the business. Not all business owners can afford to spend $100,000 or more on one piece of machinery, despite the fact that the piece of machinery can help them to bring in more clients and make more money in the long run.

The Solution:

The solution to that problem is to purchase used medical lasers, rather than purchasing one that is brand new. One of the biggest reasons to purchase used lasers equipment is to simply reduce your upfront costs. Any used laser that you buy from a reputable company will still have been carefully checked over for flaws or malfunctions. So, it’s almost like buying a new laser.

Another good reason to buy a used aesthetic laser for your business is if you are just looking to offer basic services. Not every business is looking to offer the latest and greatest of everything all the time. There are certain procedures that can be performed well, even by machines that are a few years old.

Tips for Buying the Right Used Medical Lasers:

  1. If you’re ready to look into purchasing used medical lasers, the first thing to do is find a reputable company that is selling them. Often, an online search can reveal a number of option, but you’ll have to dig a little deeper to weed out any scams or companies that don’t have solid reputations.
  2. It’s always best if the seller has a showroom that you can physically visit. If they do, go there and take your time browsing through the different types of medical laser equipment that they offer. But that isn’t always an option with online purchases. Sure, you might be able to see still pictures on a website, but it’s not the same thing. A good alternative is to ask them to show you the equipment using some sort of online video messaging service, such as Skype. That will give you a chance to at least partially inspect the laser, talk to the seller, and make sure that they really do have the laser and know what they are talking about. It’s a great way to immediately spot scam artists.
  3. Finally, remember to keep a totally open mind when purchasing used medical lasers. Don’t let a seller talk you into one single model. Instead, examine several before you pick which one to purchase. That way you have the best chance of getting exactly what you’re looking for.