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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Buying Refurbished or New Aesthetic Lasers

    Nowadays your clients expect up-to-date laser devices and are looking for clinics that can provide a large variety of aesthetic laser treatments. To keep up with that kind of demand and to expand your business, you need to be looking at purchasing your own laser.

    Purpose of Buying a AestheticLaser Machine

    Before you decide to purchase anything, have a good idea of what service you are looking to add to your practice and why. If it’s bring in more clients, you might consider what is trending right now for services. It’s common for people to seek out the newest and most popular treatments because others are talking about it right now. If your reason is to be able to add another service for your existing clientele, obviously you want to look toward what services you don’t yet offer. Whatever the purpose, have a plan as to what you are looking for so you are less likely to be steered in another direction by sellers.

    Pros and Cons of Buying a New Aesthetic Laser

    Purchasing a brand new piece of equipment is an exciting endeavor. It’s new, undamaged, and will work for years to come. At least, that’s the plan. Brand new devices are not generally tested prior to shipment. However, it should come with a factory warranty for repairs and parts. One common issue with a factory warranty is that it requires the machine be returned to the factory for repair, meaning it will be out of operation for a while, depending on where the factory is located.

    Pros and Cons of Buying Used

    Making your first purchase a used laser is a sensible choice. It’s standard practice for reputable resellers to thoroughly test used equipment and make sure the device is in great working order. That means no worries for a long while for you. Secondhand devices normally do not come with a factory warranty, but that doesn’t mean they never do. Make it a point to inquire before deciding to make your purchase.

    Funds Make the Ultimate Decision

    Purchasing a brand new aesthetic laser can easily reach the $50,000 to $250,000 range. It all depends on the quality, brand and type of the laser machine being purchased. You shouldn’t even consider what to purchase until you’ve determined exactly how much funds are available to you. Take into consideration not just your current expenses, but any potential expenses you may incur in the future. Used equipment costs far less, even as little as a tenth of the price of the new model.

    Long-term Planning

    Finally, consider your long-term plans. Right now, all you are thinking about is the purchase itself and you are sure this is the device your business needs at the moment. How about a year from now? Or a couple years from now? You need to look at what plans you have down the road. Consider what your long-term goals are and whether or not the particular laser you want to buy right now will fit into those plans.

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