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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Buying Pre-Owned Medical Lasers

    Buying Medical Lasers On The Second Hand Market

    Medical lasers treat or remove tissue though focused sources of light. Lasers can be used in a variety of surgical procedures:

    • Cosmetic surgery (tattoo removal, sunspot removal, wrinkle reduction, hair removal)
    • Refractive eye surgery (LASIK)
    • Dental practices (oral surgery, teeth whitening)
    • General surgery (plastic surgery, tumor removal)

    The application of medical cosmetic treatments is rapidly expanding. While businesses are also widely growing, when purchasing medical lasers, businesses can face unexpected challenges. The goal is to find the best medical lasers for your practice without overly spending thousands of dollars in order to obtain the machine. One solution is to purchase used medical lasers. By purchasing pre-owned medical equipment, you can eliminate the burden of high expenses that arise with purchasing new medical laser machines.

    Although there is the incentive of saving money by purchasing used medical laser equipment, the latest and most expensive medical laser equipment is not always necessary. Like purchasing any used largely expensed item, it is imperative to do the correct research as well as educate yourself on the industry. Finding used medical lasers for sale is not a difficult task once you learn a few tips and tricks.

    Here are some tips and tricks you should know prior to purchasing medical lasers:

    • If you are planning to purchase a brand new medical laser, make sure there are not any used medical laser options. Some used medical lasers can get the same quality job done as new medical lasers.
    • Prior to purchasing a pre-owned medical laser, never use a wire or check to prepay.
    • Purchase a machine that works for your needs, not the salesman’s.
    • Make sure to do a thorough investigation on the seller and his or her background.
    • Visit the seller’s showroom in person or via video chat if you are unable to meet.
    • Figure out alternatives to warranty since used medical lasers usually do not come with substantial warranty.

    Now it’s time to utilize these tips and tricks by finding the perfect broker for your business. Brokers typically have virtual showrooms; however, it is also important to find reviews and testimonials as well as live chat with potential brokers. Purchasing used medical lasers or finding medical lasers for sale is not a hard task once you know what to look for and understand the industry.

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