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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Buying New vs. Used Cosmetic Laser

    Choosing Between Used and New Cosmetic Lasers

    Beginning in the 1980s, cosmetic medicine really started to gain momentum. Ever since that point, cosmetic lasers and other types of technology devoted to cosmetic procedures have been quite popular. The appeal of new and used cosmetic lasers is that they can perform procedures formerly only done on surgical tables. These days, people can even have cosmetic laser procedures done in spa settings.

    The fact that cosmetic laser treatments are non-invasive is a big draw to a lot of people. There are very little side effects, and almost no time is required to recover after most procedures. That’s part of what makes the business a major money maker. So, adding used and new cosmetic lasers to your spa or related business can bring in a lot of income.

    Consider Your Demographics:

    The first thing to think about when you’re choosing to buy used medical lasers is your demographics. In other words, how old are most of your clients, and what types of skin issues do they tend to have? Certain cosmetic lasers are meant to treat very specific skin types and conditions. So, it’s important to pick a cosmetic laser that will meet the needs of your primary clientele.

    Think About How Much You Want to Invest:

    Another thing to think about is how much money you have to invest in a specific cosmetic laser device. Look at the amount of capital your business has versus how much new money such a machine is likely to bring in. That way you can make sure that your selected machine won’t completely drain your reserves.

    Should You Buy New or Used Cosmetic Lasers?

    The decision to buy new or used cosmetic lasers isn’t one that you should make in a hurry. First, you need to really think about which option would benefit your business the most. For example, if you want to offer the latest and greatest treatments, you might need a brand new laser. That way you can really treat your clients to something special.

    On the other hand, used aesthetic lasers cost a lot less. Not only that, but many of them, especially if they are only a year or two old, can perform similarly to the latest models. So, it really depends more on your budget constraints and the image that you want to project to your clients.

    Buyer Beware:

    Another thing to consider is that new cosmetic lasers bought from a reputable company are usually carefully inspected and fully guaranteed. On the other hand, there are a lot of used medical laser resellers out there who are not as reputable or careful about checking their aesthetic laser machines before reselling them. So, you always need to keep the old “buyer beware” adage in mind when you are thinking about purchasing used aesthetic lasers.

    If you do decide to buy a used cosmetic laser, insist on inspecting the machinery yourself before you buy it, assuming that the company has a showroom in your area. If you choose to buy sight unseen from an online reseller, carefully check their credentials, first. That’s the best way to guarantee that you will get the ideal cosmetic laser for your business.

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