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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Buying a Used Aesthetic Laser Can be a Great Business Boost

    Aesthetic lasers are quite popular these days for treating a wide variety of skin conditions. That’s why they can be so great for any medical or skincare practice. With that said, many practices don’t offer laser treatments for the simple reason that laser machines are very expensive. Unfortunately for them, they are failing to consider all of their buying options, such as buying used aesthetic lasers instead of new ones.

    Used Laser Devices Are More Affordable Initially

    As a business owner, you know the value of every single dollar you own. Particularly if you’re juggling a tight budget, you won’t want to spend one dollar more than you have to on any item, least of all a laser machine that costs more than $100,000 when it’s brand new.

    That’s why one very good reason to buy a used laser device instead of a new one is to cut your initial costs down. Thanks to the Internet, it’s now possible to buy laser machines online, which means that all you have to do is boot up your computer to find competitive prices on used lasers. That healthy competition has also driven prices down to the point where you can save between 25% and 50% by buying a used laser machine instead of a new one.

    Buying a Used Laser Frees Up Money for Other Things

    Even if you would technically have enough money to buy a brand new laser, why not free some of that money up for other business expenses if you can? Any money that you save by purchasing a used machine can be set aside paying bills, buying other equipment, or even put towards expanding your practice to another location.

    You Will Profit Faster from a Used Device

    Another point to consider is that you will profit faster from a used device than you would from a new one. It will take fewer laser procedures for you to earn back the money that you spent than it would take to earn back the lost money from a new machine. That means faster profits for your business, which is one of the main goals for most business owners.

    The Myth About Used Lasers Being Bad

    The reason that more business owners don’t buy used lasers is that many of them believe the myth that used lasers are bad because they become obsolete too fast. It’s simply not true that a laser has to be less than a year old in order to do its job properly. Lasers that are four or five years old can work just fine. So, don’t fall into the trap of believing that myth and feeling forced to buy a brand new machine.

    Be Sure to Do Your Laser Shopping Carefully

    As with anything you would buy online, you have to be careful about which company you trust. Never invest money in any laser device, used or new, sight unseen. Always insist on an online video conference to verify the quality of the device before you finalize the deal and order the device.

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