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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Money Spent is Money Earned When it Comes to Used Laser Machines

    If you’ve ever heard the expression “money spent is money earned” and wondered what it means, aesthetic laser machines are perfect examples. That’s because they do cost a lot of money, but you can regain that money and more in no time at all when you add them to your medical practice or spa.

    What Brand New Laser Machines Cost

    If you want to buy a brand new laser machine, you should be prepared to invest a large chunk of your business capitol. Depending on which one you get, you’re looking at an initial investment of over $100,000. For any business that’s a huge investment, but before you dismiss the idea you should know that you’re likely to make your money back fairly quickly.

    You see, people just can’t seem to resist laser treatments. There is something that motivates us all to want to look our best and be accepted by others. That means that people will definitely want to have laser treatments in your clinic or spa, and the machine will eventually be paid off and start making you a steady profit.

    Don’t Fall Into the “Newer is Better” Trap

    Even tough a new laser device can eventually be profitable for your business, that doesn’t automatically mean you should buy one. You need to think about all of your options first, and one of those options is buying a used laser. Remember that newer does not always mean better. There are many used laser devices that work perfectly well.

    Used Lasers Allow You to Save Money and Increase Profits

    There are several ways in which used medical lasers can benefit your business. The obvious one is that your initial investment will be a lot lower than if you bought a new machine. In fact, it is possible to find machines at discounts of up to 50% off, but 25% or so is more likely. So, if you simply don’t have the money for a new device, buying a used one could be the perfect answer.

    That initial savings can also be helpful in a way you may not have thought of. That is that any money you save can be used for other things. So, even if you have enough business capitol that you could buy a new device, it might make more sense to buy a used one and save that extra money for something else that can help you to improve your business.

    A third benefit is that spending less money on a used laser device means that you will be back in the black that much quicker. After a comparatively small amount of treatments, the machine will pay itself off. After that you can watch your profits grow.

    Be Careful When Searching for Used Lasers

    Buying a used laser device is a lot like buying a used car. There are some dealers that are dependable and some that are just out to scam people. So, always use good judgment and do some research before you make a purchase, especially if it’s from a used cosmetic laser company you have never dealt with before.

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