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Aesthetic Laser Technology

You have almost definitely heard about the IPL and laser hair removal equipment industry that has been thriving for nearly 20 years. It started out with commercial machines, which were only operated by licensed technicians in spas or medical setting. Then it expanded into laser machines that could be used right in the comfort of one’s own home. But the question is how well does hair removal at home actually work?

Professional Laser Equipment

First, let’s look at how professional laser equipment works. It involves lasers that destroy hair follicles with a very specific amount of heat and energy, but it’s not a one-time process. Most professional laser treatments have to be done multiple times in order to weaken the follicles until the hair stops growing.

Home Laser Hair Removal Equipment

Obviously, you can see the appeal of home laser hair removal equipment. Many people don’t want to drop everything to see a professional technician several times over. That’s especially true of people who are on a tight budget. The quick fix of having a small laser device in your own home can be very appealing, but is it really a quick fix?

The truth is that home IPL equipment for hair removal can work, to a certain degree, but it doesn’t work in the same way as professional equipment, and it doesn’t produce results that are as good or as lasting. In fact, most home equipment ranks right up there with traditional razor blades. They can’t actually prevent the hair follicles from activating like professional treatments can. They just are not strong enough to do the job.

The good news is that there are several U.S. states where, although you need a license to have a professional laser hair removal machine, you do not need to have a medical background or medical degree. So, it might be a good idea to check the laws of your state. If you find that you are allowed to get the license and purchase your own machine, that might be a good alternative for you.

Nothing Beats a Professional’s Touch

Just remember that nothing beats a professional’s touch. You are not likely to get the same aesthetic results in your own home as you would if you had a procedure performed by an expert, even if you have a professional-level machine. Think about it like going to a hairdresser as opposed to cutting your own hair. You can do it yourself, but there’s usually big difference in the results, right?

It’s also worth noting that not all professionals use identical laser hair removal machines. So, while it’s a better idea to have the procedures done by a professional, be sure not to settle for the first professional you come across in an ad somewhere. Instead, do some research until you find the right laser device or clinic for you.