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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Building Up Your Practice Using Cosmetic Laser Machines

    There’s nothing quite like seeing the transformation that people undergo when they have cosmetic procedures. Chances are good that the satisfaction of helping people like that is a big part of why you got into the cosmetic industry. However, it is still an industry. So, you have to balance assisting your clients and making them feel better with keeping your company’s profits up. One of the best ways to do that is by building up your practice using used cosmetic laser machines.

    Identifying the Skincare Needs of Your Clients

    The tricky thing about cosmetic lasers is that they are extremely specialized pieces of machinery. Some of them can be used to perform certain skincare procedures, like wrinkle removal. Others are meant to be used for removing hair from a person’s body. Other procedures that can be done with specialized laser equipment include:

    • Skin Resurfacing
    • Scar Reduction
    • Fat Reduction
    • Pigment Correction
    • Tattoo Removal or Covering

    Before you choose which type of skincare procedure to specialize in, and thus which type of laser to add to your business, you really need to know what the needs of your clients are. One way to figure that out is to look at their skin and ask yourself what procedures they could benefit from. Another way is to outright ask them what procedures they would like your business to start offering. In either case, having a good understanding of their needs means that almost as soon as you get your new laser device you will have clients lining up to have the new laser procedure you’re offering performed on their skin.

    Renting Medical Equipment May be a Good Starting Option

    If you want to test the waters a bit and see how a new laser device will be received by your patients, you could try starting by renting medical equipment. Rental is an especially good option if you aren’t personally trained in how to use laser devices. That’s because you can also rent the services of a trained technician who can operate the machine for you. Rental can also allow you to make sure that the device you are renting is the one that you truly want to have in your practice. If your customers like the procedure you are offering and the machine seems to be a good fit for your business, you may want to consider buying one.

    What Equipment Purchasing Options Do You Have?

    There are really three options, if you decide to buy your own machine. The first and most obvious one is to buy a brand new device from the manufacturer or that device. That may be the best way to avoid scams or problems, but it’s also usually the most expensive option.

    Your second option is to buy a used machine from a third party. There are many companies who sell used machines that have been repossessed or sold for one reason or another, such as the death of the original owner or the closing of the original business that owned the machine. So, you can often get a deep discount on a perfectly good device that way.

    Finally, you might find yourself with the opportunity to participate in a lease-to-own program. That way you can pay a monthly amount towards the eventual ownership of the device. If you are on a tight budget but really want to own your own device, that may be the best choice for you and your practice.

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