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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Benefits of Purchasing a Pre-owned Cosmetic Laser

    The skin care industry rapidly became popular in the past several decades.Lasers were the largest contributing factor to this growth as they offered a non-invasive method of treating skin for conditions and rejuvenation.Plastic surgery has declined in the past decade as clients sought ways to avoid going under the knife. Lasers offer far less risk and far shorter recoveries.Before you purchase one, you need to understand what they can do.

    Types of Lasers and Their Uses

    Laser devices vary by delivery method, wave lengths, and what elements are utilized. Here are some examples of these devices:

    • Infrared – uses light
    • Thermal – uses heat
    • CO2 – uses gas
    • Radio therapy – uses radio frequencies
    • Ultherapy – uses ultrasound

    Different types of lasers can treat the same skin conditions in varying degrees. just as one laser can treat several different conditions. For instance, radio therapy, infrared lasers and ultherapy can each be used to tighten skin. Radio therapy can be used also for hair removal, scar reduction, and to remove acne. Knowing the type of laser and what applications each device offers will help you to narrow down your choices so you can select the right one for your business.

    There’s a Laser to Fit Your Budget

    The cost of buying new cosmetic equipment is always far more than for second-hand. By looking around at various sources, you should be able to find a good deal on one. Check local repair services, other clinics, showrooms and online. Have a few different models in mind so if you can’t find the particular one you want within your budget, you will still have other options. By doing price comparisons, you should find one that meets your requirements while still being affordable.

    It Pays for Itself

    By selecting a refurbished unit, you pay only a fraction of the amount of a new unit. You then put the laser to use right away in your clinic. Because you selected the type of laser that clients are demanding, it isn’t long before the income exceeds the cost of the investment you made. Had you purchased a brand new device, you would be in the red on your books for a lengthy period of time.

    Clients Stay Satisfied

    Adding a new service will result in not only satisfying your existing clients, but also bringing in new ones. No one wants to go to different clinics to receive all the treatments they desire. In today’s age, they want one stop shopping. If you only offer limited services, they are more likely to take their business elsewhere. The more services you offer, the bigger draw for new customers.

    Pre-owned Lets You Reinvest in Your Business

    Purchasing a pre-owned laser allows you to turn your investment into profit fairly quickly. That puts money back into your business to be used in other areas. You could choose to purchase another laser or remodel the office space or any of a dozen other choices.

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