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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Before You Buy, Learn About – Cosmetic Laser Fraud

    How to Protect Yourself and Your Business from Cosmetic Laser Fraud

    If you are in the cosmetic procedure industry, cosmetic lasers are almost essential for your business. There are so many fantastic procedures that can be performed with them. Some of those procedures, like hair removal, might seem like luxuries to certain people. But for those that have been plagued by unwanted hair or skin problems for a long time, such procedures seem like life savers, or at least time savers. The tricky part is, if you want to purchase a laser for your business, you need to learn how to avoid cosmetic laser fraud.

    Buy From a Reputable Company

    This might seem like an obvious tip, but one way to avoid cosmetic laser fraud is to get your medical laser from a reputable company, or straight from the manufacturer brand new. Of course, brand new aesthetic laser devices are not cheap. So, if you don’t have the budget for that, you may find yourself in need of a bargain. If that’s the case, it will be time to look at used laser devices, most likely online.

    Stick to Websites That Look Knowledgeable and Clear

    When you are browsing online for cosmetic laser machines, always stick with websites that seem to illustrate knowledge and clarity. Also, look for websites that offer a lot of variety. You should also make sure that the company’s name, location, and phone number are clearly listed, and that you can verify that information. Any company that tries to conceal their contact information or only offer an anonymous e-mail address is probably not legitimate.

    Use Facetime or Skype to Verify Information

    Even if you are making a cosmetic laser purchase online, you don’t have to do so completely blind. Any honest company should be happy to video call with you using a program like Facetime or Skype. That way you can verify how the laser looks, and possibly even see how it is used before you buy it.

    Of course, video calling also allows you to get to know the salesperson themselves. Do they work alone, or are they part of a larger company? Where do they get their laser devices from? What credentials do they have? Before you talk to them at all, prepare a list of reasonable questions that you feel they should easily be able to answer. If they hesitate too much or don’t know the answers, look for an aesthetic laser device somewhere else.

    Always Check References

    Finally, always remember to check references when you’re dealing with a company you haven’t purchased anything from before. Any website can list testimonials, which may or may not be real. However, a legitimate seller of cosmetic laser devices will not only give you a list of their satisfied companies, but they might even encourage you to call those people up and ask them questions. You should definitely do that. That way you can speak to actual people just like you and see what their experiences were purchasing used cosmetic lasers from the company that you are considering doing business with.

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