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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Adding to Your Client List with Aesthetic Lasers

    Aesthetic Lasers Will Increase Your Business Cash Flow

    If you have an established spa or cosmetic procedure practice, you still shouldn’t get stuck in a rut. Adding new procedures and up-to-date equipment can help you to not only keep your regular clients happy, but also boost your client base by attracting new people to your practice. One way to do that is by purchasing one or more aesthetic lasers to offer additional services.

    Laser Treatments Have Expanded Over Time

    One reason why laser machines can be so good for your business is that their capabilities have completely changed and improved over time. Back in the 1990s when they were first becoming popular, most people knew them only as revolutionary devices that could supposedly zap away wrinkles.

    Not only are today’s machines more efficient at getting rid of wrinkles, but they can do a lot more than that. Modern lasers can treat scars, cellulite dimples, unwanted tattoos, annoying body hair, and a lot of other skin-related issues. That’s why your practice really can’t do without them.

    Providing Proper Laser Treatments to Your Clients

    Providing proper laser treatments to your clients will be impossible unless the person running the device is properly certified to do so. You and your staff can get the proper certification by taking classes in how to operate the machinery, but you also have another option. You can hire someone who is fully certified to run the device already.

    Another option is that you can rent a laser device and also rent the services of a qualified technician to use it. This has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages would be that you can get started faster and you don’t have to take classes yourself. The disadvantages are that you and your staff won’t be as familiar with the device or the service you are offering. In turn, that could make your clients a little uncomfortable.

    Purchasing a New Machine Versus a Used Machine

    When you buy a brand new laser device, you can expect two things. The first is that you will be buying the most current equipment, obviously. But the second is that you will be spending a lot of money, since a new machine may cost well over $100,000. So, the question becomes how important is having the most current equipment. The answer is not very important at all.

    The truth of the matter is that the Internet has made purchasing used cosmetic laser equipment simple, and it’s also quite practical. Used devices require less initial money to be invested in them, which means that you will earn that money back and start making an actual profit much sooner than you would if you chose a new device. Used devices also tend to be well-tested and have verifiable reputations, whereas there may not be as much information available about this year’s model.

    Also, third party repair technicians may not be as familiar with brand new models, which means that repairs could be more difficult in the unlikely event that a newer machine has a malfunction. Although, it is worth noting that most brand new machines come with a one or two-year warranty, if you buy them from the manufacturer.

    Whether you choose a new or used aesthetic laser for your practice, one thing you can count on is that you’ll acquire new clients. Just be sure to advertise your new services well and you can’t go wrong. After all, there are many people who want to have laser treatments in order to look their best.

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