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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    A Guide To Buying Cosmetic Lasers

    What To Consider When Buying Cosmetic Lasers

    For the past three decades, both cosmetic medicine and cosmetic technology have been rapidly developing and expanding. These new technological advances in the new and used cosmetic laser industry have brought an entire new wave of possibilities to non-invasive cosmetic treatments- procedures that previously required surgical circumstances can now be achieved using cosmetic laser equipment. The number of cosmetic equipment procedures has doubled in the last decade due to its increasing popularity among consumers, mostly accredited to the low cost and short recovery times associated with cosmetic laser treatments.

    When looking for laser equipment for sale, buyers, such as med-spa owners and physicians, need to consider a manifold of factors when selecting which machine to purchase. By carefully evaluating these determinants, buyers can find the most efficient and effective way to increase organizational and financial growth.

    Client Characteristics:

    What are the demographics of the client you are providing treatment for? How old are they? What is their skin type? What specific cosmetic needs must be met? By gaining full knowledge of your client, you can choose the machine that best fits his or her needs.

    Price Range:

    How much are you willing to spend for a particular machine or equipment? Setting a budget can help you choice equipment that is suitable for your business financially.

    Brand New or Used/Refurbished:

    Both have pros and cons but what is most important is the find the right buy for your business. New machines are naturally more expensive but can offer the most advanced technology for treatments. On the other hand, used cosmetic lasers can lead to substantial savings; however, can end up costing more if you are dealing with an unreliable seller. Before purchasing used medical laser equipment, it is imperative that testing and quality control measures are taken to ensure quality, safety, and reliability of the machine.

    Financing New or Preowned Cosmetic Laser Equipment:

    Finding the right payment option that makes the most sense for you and your business can help reduce expenses and therefore increase profits. Paying via cash can avoid additional interest or fees; however can account for a large part of a business’s expenses for that single financial period. Taking out a loan from a bank may help finance expensive equipment, but comes with the price tag of interest rates and loan fees. Buyers with low credit scores may have a harder time obtaining and loan or may not have this option at all. Leasing the equipment does offer lower monthly costs and the opportunity to move onto newer technology once the lease is up. The downside of leasing is that you are simply for the usage of equipment instead of an investment. Renting equipment can be beneficial for those who only need the equipment for a short amount of time, want to test out the equipment before purchase, and want to avoid contract or financial bindings. One con to keep in mind that it is more costly on a per day basis.

    Warranty Options:

    This can vary depending on your location. There are two important questions to ask yourself: If there are issues with your equipment is there a local laser repair company or will you have to ship it back to the seller? While the machine is being repaired, will there be another laser available to use. Used aesthetic lasers typically do not come with any warranty- be sure to do your research before purchasing.


    Whether you are dealing with new or preowned lasers, be sure to see and test the machine out yourself. If it is not feasible to meet with the seller, ask to video chat using platforms such as Skype to see the machine. You want to make sure the large investment you potentially may make will be for a good quality, reliable machine.

    Training Background

    Medical education and background are not required to become a cosmetic laser specialist; therefore, it is imperative to provide proper training for all buyers/staff whether you are dealing with new or refurbished laser equipment. 

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