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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    A Business Owner’s Guide to Buying Pre-Owned Cosmetic Lasers

    The prospect of buying a brand new cosmetic laser can be pretty scary, even if your skincare practice has been open for a while. Most of them cost more than $100,000 after all. That’s a huge amount of money to be putting into a single device. That’s why buying a used cosmetic laser is an option that you definitely should consider. But, if you do go that route, you also have to be an informed buyer.

    Make Sure You Can Operate the Device

    Before you buy your own cosmetic laser, it’s important that whoever is going to operate it is fully trained and certified to operate the machine. That person could be you or a member of your existing staff, but if you want to save time then you can also hire someone who is already trained in medical laser procedures to do the work for you.

    Just keep in mind that the person who is operating the machine should be able to build up a good rapport with your clients. The patients need to put their trust in both the process itself and the machine’s operator

    Pre-Owned Lasers Are Not Obsolete Lasers

    There is a common misconception that “pre-owned” and “obsolete” are the same thing in the medical laser industry. They really aren’t. Obsolete lasers are generally at least five years old, but a pre-owned laser could be as new as six months old. It all depends on the source and the reason that it is being resold.

    You see, some lasers are resold because practices close or change in some way. That doesn’t mean that the machines themselves are bad or even very old. It just means that they are no longer suitable for that particular practice. That’s how so many laser machines come to be available for sale on used medical equipment websites. You can easily take advantage of that by purchasing one of those lasers at a reduced cost. There’s no need to worry about sacrificing the quality of the procedures that you will be able to perform with the machine.

    Two Important Questions to Ask Before You Buy

    There are two important questions you should ask yourself prior to buying a used laser. The first is can you trust the website you plan to buy it from? To answer that, make sure that you can check their contact information and general reputation through different sources. Don’t automatically trust what you read on every website. Don’t buy from a company unless you are absolutely sure that they aren’t trying to scam you.

    The second question to ask yourself is which machines can you get repaired in your local area? It’s always important to know what you will need to do to get back up and running quickly in the event of a problem. By choosing a repair company before you buy a pre-owned laser and making sure they’ll service the model you have your eye on, you can guarantee that any down time for repairs that might become necessary later down the line will be minimal.

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