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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Things to Know About Laser Hair Removal Equipment

    Important Laser Hair Removal Equipment Information You Should Know

    Let’s face it, laser hair removal is a huge business lately. After all, nobody likes having unsightly hair in strange places. It wasn’t too long ago that, in order to have laser hair removal procedures done, you would need to go to some sort of spa or clinic. Well, that is still an option, but hand-held devices for at-home use have also entered the market in recent years, and in huge numbers. So, when it comes to laser hair removal equipment, you have a lot of options.

    Why Should You Use Lasers At All?

    The first question in your mind is probably why should you use lasers at all? Why not just shave or wax your unwanted hair away? Well the two primary reasons are time and convenience. First, let’s talk about time. How often do you find yourself shaving or waxing away unwanted hair? Probably at least once a week, right? Well, laser hair removal devices can get rid of that hair for longer periods of time. In some cases it may not even grow back at all.

    Then there’s the convenience of just going somewhere and having the procedure done for you with a medical laser device. Yes, you have to drive to a spa or clinic, and yes you have to spend a bit of money. But in the long run it might be a lot more convenient than shaving or waxing almost constantly, right?

    How Professional Laser Hair Removal Devices Operate

    In order to understand whether or not at-home laser hair removal equipment is worth using, you first need to understand how professional laser hair removal devices operate. First of all, they use  strong lasers. Those lasers are designed to hit hairs right at their roots. It may take a few treatments, but the lasers can even wind up killing the roots entirely. Damaged roots may grow new hairs over time, but dead roots won’t grow hair again at all.

    The Difference Between Professional and At-Home Devices

    The difference between professional and at-home devices is that most at-home devices use very mild lights, many of which can’t even truly be considered on par with real medical laser devices. Some at-home devices work better than others, but almost all of them are far too weak to remove hair by damaging the roots. They just get rid of hair on the surface of your skin. That means that the hair will grow back, probably fast and possibly thicker than it was to begin with.

    That doesn’t mean that at-home laser hair removal equipment is totally useless. It can remove hair. It just means that, since the hair may grow back fast, you should be prepared to use your at-home device fairly often to keep on top of the unwanted hair problem.

    Using Professional Hair Removal Devices at Home

    So, what can you do if you don’t have the money or time to get a professional treatment, but you also don’t want the inconvenience of using an at-home device? Well, it depends on where you live. Some state laws allow private citizens to own professional laser hair equipment of their own, if they are properly certified in how to safely use that equipment. So, you may have the possibility of using a professional device by yourself in the comfort of your own home. That being said, it’s still probably safer and better to leave professional laser hair removal equipment in the hands of the professionals.

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