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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Reasons to Consider Buying a Used Hair Removal Laser

    If you have a cosmetic practice, you are already aware of just how popular hair removal is. Clients don’t want to perform repetitive shaving or tweezing and especially not waxing at home. Home devices simply cannot perform as effectively as those at a clinic and what results they get don’t last long. You need to add laser hair removal to your services. If you don’t have $100,000 or more in cash to spend, it can push the laser just out of your reach. So how can you afford to buy one of your own? The answer is simple – purchase a previously owned laser.

    Selecting a Hair Removal Laser First

    In a new or struggling cosmetic practice, you choose to add a laser service because it’s a popular method of skin treatment. So why should you start with a hair removal device? It’s proven to be an effective way of bringing clients in the door. Demand for hair removal services has steadily risen in the past decade. Clients want something fast, effective, and more permanent. They actually expect this service to be offered first and foremost at a cosmetic practice.

    The Value of Buying New

    Most people want things that are brand new, straight from the manufacturer. While that’s certainly nice, it absolutely isn’t necessary, especially when you consider that the machine begins depreciating the moment you take possession of it. The only benefit of buying brand new is that you can get a tax break due to the amount spent on the initial purchase. The amount varies from year to year, so if you choose to buy new, check with your tax accountant first on what kind of tax break you can get from it.

    Value of Buying Pre-owned

    There are a lot of enticing reasons to purchase a previously used laser:

    • Purchase price is significantly less. While it can cost as little as $50,000 or as much as over $250,000 for a new machine, you aren’t going to pay nearly as much for a pre-owned. Depending on where you buy it from (such as another clinic, an online resaler, or a bank repossession), you will save anywhere from 10% to 90% off the original price.
    • Faster return on your investment. If you obtain the laser for a low enough price, you won’t leave yourself in debt for a long period. A hair removal laser quickly pays for itself with the clients it brings in.
    • It has been tested. Laser equipment must undergo intense testing to verify the model works and for quality control. In other words, the machine has to be in top working order before it can be resold. You are pretty much guaranteed your equipment won’t be malfunctioning anytime soon.

    When you look at the reasons for purchasing a pre-owned laser, they all make sense as each provides a direct benefit to your business. By comparison, the reasons for buying new seem a waste of good money.

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