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    Sciton Profile

    Sciton BroadBand Light

    The Sciton BroadBand Light system expands on the Profile technology. The Broad Band Light system has many advancements in the flash lamp, filters adapters and cooloing system.

    The Broad Band Light(A.k.a BBL) technology uses two lamps providing the energy. Each lamp provides 1/2 of the treatment energy each. This allows for a longer usage life of the flashlamps as they are not “overworked”. Additionally, the technology has a broad range of wavelengths to treat many skin coniditions with the same handpiece.

    NY Laser Outlet offers this used Sciton Profile for sale. The equipment is in excellent condition. We have not worked on the equipment as we do not provide service for Sciton.

    Feel free to call us with any questions. For doctors in Manhattan we offer medical laser rentals. Please contact us via email at


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