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    Cynosure Apogee Elite Fiber Optic Cable

    Cynsure Apogee Elite – Fiber Optic For Sale

    NY Laser Outlet offers brand new fiber optic cables for sale for your Cynosure Apogee Elite. The fiber optics in this cable are the highest quality –assuring your patients get top quality treatment.

    The fiber optic cable is made from glass. The job of this cable it to transmit the energy generated in the machine out to the patients treatment area. It is critical you are very careful with the fiber optic cable to ensure the glass does not break inside.

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    Cynosure Apogee Elite Fiber Optic Cable

    We offer the Cynosure Apogee Elite Fiber optic cable for sale at a fraction of the cost manufacturers charge. As a company, NY Laser Outlet works to provide you with top quality repairs, parts and medical laser machines which are at a significantly reduced price of the manufacturers.

    By providing you access to the same quality parts, at a lower cost, we help enhance your profitability. By doing so we hope you continue to grow, add more aesthetic machines or even open an additional location. At that time we hope you turn to use to buy the aesthetic equipment as we have a large inventory of fully refurbished medical lasers. When you succeed, we succeed.

    This does not include the communication cable.

    We highly advise an experienced technician installs this for you.

    TIP: Clean your windows after each treatment to avoid causing damage to the optics and possibly your machine.

    We offer additional parts for Cynosure Apogee Elite, including:

    • Windows
    • Optics
    • Flow Tubes
    • Flash Lamps
    • Fiber Focus Lens

    We ship anywhere in the world.

    This Cynosure Fiber Optic Cable is ready to ship out today.

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