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    Candela Profound Matrix™

    A New Dimension of Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling
    The Profound Matrix system, powered by Dimensional RF™ takes radiofrequency (RF) microneedling to new dimensions.

    Designed to correct, maintain, and restore skin at various stages of the aging journey, this multi-application microneedling machine features the all-new Matrix Pro™, Sublime™, and Sublative™ RF applicators to deliver customized treatments based on patient needs. The Profound Matrix system is designed to resurface the skin and treat wrinkles, all while creating volume4 and strengthening skin structure.1

    This first-of-its-kind system is uniquely equipped with impedance monitoring and Depth Intelligence™ technology, the system provides real-time feedback that allows the user to deliver consistent results to their patients.

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    Powerful Performance with Revolutionary RF Technology
    A Customized Approach
    The Profound Matrix system allows users to customize treatments based on patient needs and skin concerns with the choice of the Sublime, Sublative RF, and Matrix Pro applicators.

    Consistent Outcomes
    The Profound Matrix system monitors tissue impedance across all 3 modalities to ensure consistent treatment outcomes.

    Compact, Yet Versatile and Easy to Use
    The Profound Matrix system is a lightweight and upgradable system that has a simple GUI and minimal operator learning curve, allowing for delegation to physician extenders.

    Dimensional RF
    Powered by Dimensional RF, the Profound Matrix system delivers multi-dimensional treatment outcomes. Achieved by leveraging multiple modalities working at up to 3 depths of the skin, this approach allows practitioners to customize and deliver precise treatments based on patient needs while creating volume4 and strengthening skin structure

    Depth Intelligence™ Technology with Impedance Monitoring
    The Matrix Pro applicator is equipped with an array of the thinnest microneedles on the market today, designed to improve patient comfort, maximize results, and decrease downtime.
    The Matrix Pro applicator operates with a single-use, disposable cartridge tip, consisting of an array of 49 (7X7) ultra-thin semi-insulated micro-electrode chamfered needles, with a diameter of only 0.16 mm (34 gauge).

    Thinnest Microneedle Array
    Complete with Depth Intelligence technology, the Matrix Pro applicator can deliver up to 3 distinct user-controlled depth and energy settings in a single insertion, allowing for customized and consistent treatment results.
    The Matrix Pro applicator takes impedance monitoring to new dimensions by working at multiple depths. By monitoring start and end impedance, users can adjust settings and technique in real time, resulting in precise energy delivery throughout the treatment and delivering consistent, customized results.

    Matrix Pro™
    User-controlled depth and energy settings in a single insertion to create new collagen and marked improvement in overall skin appearance and texture.

    Bulk heating of the dermis and stimulation of collagen resulting in immediate and long-term improvement of wrinkles.

    Sublative™ RF
    Delivery of bipolar RF energy to deliver diffuse thermal impact in the dermis with low epidermal disruption resulting in smoother skin and the reduction of facial wrinkles.

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