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    Candela GentleLASE & GentleYAG Handpiece Repair/Refurbishment

    Full repair & rebuilding of Candela GentleLASE handpiece includes:

    • Resetting Shot Count
    • Brand New Flash lamps
    • Polishing the crystal
    • Cleaning the cavity
    • Optical Alignment
    • Repairing damaged wiring
    • Energy Testing
    • Replace damaged optical filters
    • Full Calibration
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    Rebuild, Repair and Refurbish Candela GentleLASE & GentleYAG Handpieces

    Candela GentleLASE & GentleYAG Handpiece Rebuild

    Repairing and refurbishing your Candela GentleLASE hand piece on a regular basis will ensure optimal results from the treatments preformed on you patients.  NY Laser Outlet offers repair and refurbishment services for all your Candela machines, parts and hand pieces.

    Manufacturers charge an arm and a leg to refurbish the handpiece. These types of high out of pocket expenses can significantly affect your businesses profitability. Especially when you have multiple machines and handpieces.

    NY Laser Outlet helps business owner’s save money on the maintenance involved with operating cosmetic lasers. We have helped business save thousands of dollars on Candela hand piece repair and refurbishment. This means more money in your pocket and a higher return on investment for your business (ROI).

    Understanding your needs and how to help you is critical for NY Laser Outlet. Our goal is to be a resource for all your cosmetic equipment needs and help you grow and open up additional locations.

    We also offer parts for your Candela GentleLASE & GentleYAG such as:

    • Distance Gauges
    • Cryo Caps (if yours breaks or is damaged)
    • DI Filter
    • Fibers
    • Windows
    • Flash Lamps
    • Focus Lens
    • Foot Pedal
    • Head Rebuild

    We do business with doctors and medical spas all around the world. Depending on your location we can have your hand piece back to you fully refurbished in 3-4 days.

    We offer full warranty of the hand piece after our refurbishment.

    Call us today and we will send you a shipping label to send us the hand piece for repair.

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