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    Aesthetic Laser Technology

    Don’t Fall Victim to Cosmetic Laser Scam Artists

    Cosmetic lasers are very expensive, which is why it’s so important for you, as a business owner, to be able to guarantee your investment when you buy one. They can turn your spa or clinic into a very profitable business, but not if you fall victim to cosmetic laser scam artists.

    Technology is Both Good and Bad

    Technology is, of course, what caused the birth of cosmetic laser devices in the first place. So, there’s definitely something to be said for technological advancements. However, not all of those advancements are a good thing.

    For example, the Internet can be a double-edged sword. It can let you access information in seconds, and it can even let you buy things online, including both brand new and used laser machines. That can be very convenient, but the other side of things is that it can leave you open to be victimized by scam artists.

    Online scams certainly aren’t new. We’ve all been the victim of spyware or junk e-mail from time to time. But when the scams start to expand into identity theft and fraud it can cost you a lot of money, not to mention your personal and business security. That’s why you have to educate yourself about the best way to shop online for laser devices.

    Verify the Company’s History and Location

    The best way to begin is by narrowing your online search down to a couple of companies. Then you can delve a little deeper into each one’s history. Verify that any address they give on their website is actually traceable to their real business. Make sure that you can find records of them doing business successfully with other people and companies as well.

    Remember to also read client reviews, but make sure that they are unbiased reviews on unrelated websites. Don’t trust any completely positive reviews that you read on the company’s website. Those might be testimonials that someone was paid to write, or that the so-called company’s owners wrote themselves for the purpose of scamming people into buying lasers that they don’t even have.

    Make Sure That the Website Goes Into Detail

    Next, make sure that the website goes into detail about the laser machines that it offers for sale. A scam artist that doesn’t know much about the industry probably won’t go into a great deal of detail or list too many models for sale. A legitimate company, on the other hand, should offer a larger selection and have a website that looks much more organized.

    Interview the Company and Video Call with Them

    Finally, the best way to ensure that you will actually get the cosmetic laser device you are buying and not be scammed is to request a video conference call with the company. Then you can see that they have the laser machine with your own eyes. You can also ask plenty of questions about it and make sure that the company who is selling it knows exactly what they are doing. Then you can rest assured that your new laser machine will do its job well and increase your profits just like you had planned.

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