Cutera Titan S Handpiece Repair

Cutera Titan S Handpiece Repair

Brand: Cutera
Product Code: NYL-9010
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Repair, Rebuild & Refurbish Cutera Titan S Handpiece

Cutera Titan S Handpiece Repair 

NY Laser Outlet fully rebuilds, repairs and refurbishes the Cutera S (Skin Tightening) handpiece at a very affordable cost. Our goal is to return the Titan S handpiece as quickly as possible so you can treat patients. The Cutera Titan S handpiece offers advanced skin tightening capabilities yielding a soft, youthful appearance. Patients look refreshed and love that there is minimal downtime. 

The quick and reliable refurbishment of your Cutera S handpiece includes the following:

  • Replacement of flashlamp
  • Flowtube replacement (if required)
  • Test energy
  • Reset/recharge of shot counter
  • Trigger replacement (if required)
  • 90 day warranty

We make the entire repair and refurbishment process of the Cutera Titan S handpiece easy:

  1. We send you a label to ship us the hand piece / or you can send your hand-piece to us
  2. Upon completion of the refurbishment we’ll send you pictures and a video of the refurbished hand-piece in working condition
  3. We ship back the fully functional hand-piece back to you

Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. We understand how important your patients satisfaction is, we guarantee you’ll get your equipment back and fully operational as quickly as possible.

NY Laser Outlet offers full service repair for all your Cutera needs. We help you and your business save money in repair costs. Additionally, we have fully refurbished medical lasers for sale. We encourage you to come visit our showroom and test out the medical equipment prior to making a purchase.

Toll Free: 1-800-887-1966


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