Syneron Flash Lamps

Syneron Flash Lamps

Brand: Syneron
Product Code: NYL-5002
In Stock
Price: $395.00

Syneron Flash Lamps For Sale

Brand New Syneron Flash Lamps

Made in the USA the flash lamp is compatible with all Syneron cosmetic systems. NY Laser Outlet ensures fast delivery worldwide of the flash lamps as well as all other Syneron products.

Buy this brand new Syneron flash lamp and save money with NY Laser Outlet. 

Flash Lamps for the following Syneron Aesthetic Systems and hand pieces:

  • eMax
  • eMatrix
  • Galaxy
  • AC Hand Piece
  • DS Hand Piece
  • SR Hand Piece

NY Laser Outlet also offers service to all Syneron medical lasers and repairs and rebuild all Syneron hand pieces. Additionally, we have refurbished used Syneron equipment avaliable for sale. Call today to schedule a time to visit our showroom and test out the equipment.


Toll Free: 1-800-887-1966

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