Palomar Large Water Filter

Palomar Large Water Filter

Brand: Palomar
Product Code: NYL-5006
In Stock
Price: $125.00

Palomar Large Water Filter For Sale - Starlux 300 & 500

Large Blue Water Filter For Palomar Starlux 300 and 500

Large Palomar Water Filter For Starlux 300 & 500. Palomar suggests your replace your water filters at least every 6 months to ensure optimal results. Not cleaning the water filter can lead to expensive repairs in the future as the dirt will negativly affect the machine.

This package contains 2 water filters for the Palomar StarLux 300 or StarLux 500 (1 large).

The size of the filter is 2.95 in long (large) body of filter.

This filter will fit the following machine.

  • Palomar StarLux 300
  • Palomar StarLux 500 
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