Candela Flash Lamps

Candela Flash Lamps

Brand: Candela
Product Code: NYL-5017
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Price: $450.00

Candela Flash Lamps For Sale

Buy Candela Flash Lamps

This is a replacement flash lamp for your Candela laser head. Brand new flash lamps made for Candela lasers for sale. We ship the same day you place the order.

The flash lamp is made in America and is compatible with the following Candela laser equipment models available on the market:

  • GentleLase
  • Candela AGentle Lase Plus
  • Candela Mini GentleLase
  • Candela GentleYag
  • Candela Mini GentleYag
  • GentleMAX / GMAX- Pro

The Candela flash lamp for sale is of the highest quality flash lamp available. We suggest you regularly change the flash lamp of your Candela lasers at the 800,000 shot count in order to ensure the highest quality results for your patients.

NY Laser Outlet specializes in Candela lasers. In addition to selling parts for Candela lasers, we also provide full service and repair for all Candela laser equipment. We also have Candela lasers for sale in our showroom. Call us today to schedule a time to come visit and test out our Candela equipment.

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