Syneron Velashape Handpiece Repair

Syneron Velashape Handpiece Repair

Brand: Syneron
Product Code: NYL-9006
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Syneron Velashape Handpiece Repair - Refurbishment 

Syneron Velashape Handpiece Rebuild

NY Laser Outlet fully refurbishes your Syneron Velashape handpiece while helping you save money and downtime. Our rebuilding and refurbishing process ensures your hand piece is overhauled and comes back to you ready to treat patients and generate income. The NY Laser Outlet Syneron Velashape refurbishment process includes:

  • Addressing error codes
  • Clean System
  • Clean interior mirror

As a business practice, when refurbishing your Syneron Velashape handpiece, we clean out the hand piece and test functionality. NY Laser Outlet guarantees that we will never switch out and replace your diodes with those of quality.

Refurbishing your Syneron Velashape handpiece is an easy 3 step process:

  1. We send you a FEDEX label to send us your hand piece
  2. Once completed, we send you photos and a video of the refurbished Velashape hand piece
  3. We FEDEX the hand piece back to generate income for your business

Our goal is to minimize our client’s downtime and ensure the cosmetic machine is operating optimally. Customer’s satisfaction is our top priority.
NY Laser Outlet offers fully refurbished cosmetic lasers for sale. Additionally, we repair cosmetic machines for clients with no service contracts. We are available when you need us. As you expand and grow, come visit our showroom and see the refurbished lasers we have in stock which will help you save money in your expansion. 

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