Palomar LuxV Handpiece Repair

Palomar LuxV Handpiece Repair

Brand: Palomar
Product Code: NYL-9001
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Repair, Rebuild and Refurbish Palomar LuxV Handpiece

Lux V Handpiece Repair

Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. Our quick rebuilding and refurbishing process ensures your hand piece is completely functional when it comes back to you and you’re ready to treat patients, for added confidence we offer a 30 day warranty on all work done.

The NY Laser Outlet Lux V refurbishment process includes:

  • Replacement of flash lamp
  • Calibration energy output of laser
  • Recharge of shot counter

We invite all of our valued customers to come visit us at our New York Showroom and see all of the cosmetic lasers and handpieces we have in stock.

Palomar Lux V Handpiece repair and refurbishment process:

  • We send you a label to ship the Lux V handpiece
  • Once received we take pictures of the handpiece and repair it
  • We send you the before and after photos and ship out your rebuilt LuxV handpiece

Used almost exclusively to successfully treat acne this hand-piece can clear away acne without leaving any noticeable disruption to the outer skin layer. The laser emits a wavelength that is absorbed by the water in the skin generating heat in and around the sebaceous gland(s) responsible for creating the acne lesions.

Acne lesions are noticeably reduced after only a couple of treatments, after a series of treatments patients experience clearance for more than 6 months. There may be some mild swelling and redness in the treated area however treatment will not interfere with the patient’s daily routine.

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