Cutera Titan V Handpiece Repair

Cutera Titan V Handpiece Repair

Brand: Cutera
Product Code: NYL-9012
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Cutera Titan V Handpiece Repair & Rebuild

Cutera Titan-V Handpiece Refurbishment 

NY Laser Outlet is a one stop shop for anything you need for Cutera. We repair and provide preventative maintenance service for all Cutera equipment. Additionally, we have fully refurbished Cutera equipment available for sale.

Process to Rebuild Your Cutera Titan V handpiece:

  1. You may ship your hand-piece or we will send you a label to ship to us
  2. We will send you pictures and a video of the refurbished, fully operational hand-piece
  3. We will ship back the hand piece back to you, you’re ready to start treating patients

Repair & Refurbishment of Cutera Titan V Handpiece Includes:

  • Replacement of flashlamp
  • Test and calibration of energy
  • Trigger replacement (if required)
  • Flowtube replacement (if required)
  • 90 day warranty

The Cutera Titan V handpiece heats the outer layer of skin to treat patients of any age. This ia an alternative to surgery and delivers great results. Be sure to rebuild the handpiece to ensure optimal results for your patients. NY Laser Outlet offers a very affordable way to recharge the Cutera Titan V handpiece and ensure it is working optimally.

NY Laser Outlet also offers refurbished used handpieces for your Cutera. Call us today to see how we can help you and your business grow and deliver great results to your patients.

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