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Touch-Free, Needle-Free, Transdermal Infusion Technology is Here!



The JETPEEL-3V device is a high quality aesthetic device manufactured in Israel. The Jetpeel offers needle-free sub-dermal skin care treatments.

This amazing new technology allows Doctors and aestheticians to offer non-invasive skin care treatments below the skins surface to deliver remarkable results.  Standard treatments include lymphatic drainage, exfoliation followed by infusion. Treatments are customized to the patients skin and goal. 

One Technology with endless applications

JETPEEL-3V is suitable for all skin types. The Jetpeel treatmet can be administered all times of the year and for a diverse range of aesthetic specializations. The treatments are done with zero downtime for patients.

Revolutionary Skin Care Device

The physics behind Jetpeel are simple;

  1. Jetpeel takes a customized saline, creates a supersonic jet stream witht saline and oxygen is created accelerated at the skins suface while the patented handpiece nozzzel breaks the liquid into micro-droplets.
  2. The energy emitted from the force of the micro-droplets gently and painlessly exfoliates the outer layer of the epidermis
  3. The jet stream stretches the skin at the point of contact, opening micro canals in the epidermis. The micro droplets by design are smaller than the space in the micro canals and infuse the skin - needle free. This allows for a higher level of hydration, cleaning and infusion of the desired solutions to deliver a truly unmatched treatment. 

JETPEEL is extreamly versatile and simple to operate. The device is priced well and offers a very attractive ROI. Clients seeing 4 patients per day can payoff the device within 4 months. No other aesthetic device on the market can say the same. 

Jetpeel's revolutionary, non invasive skin-care technology

  • Needle free infusion
  • Versatile and clinically effective procedures
  • Zero skin-print
  • Minimum irritation
  • No patient down-time
  • Simple to operate and train
  • Cost effective with fast ROI
  • Differentiates your clinic