Cutera Solera Titan

Cutera Solera Titan

Brand: Cutera
Product Code: NYL-8213
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Used Cutera Solera Titan For Sale - Refurbished

Cutera Solera Titan

NY Laser Outlet offers fully refurbished Cutera Solera Titan machines for sale in our New York showroom. Our highly trained technicians fully inspect the pre-owned cosmetic equipment prior to offering it for sale to ensure it is up to our high standards. New cosmetic laser and IPL equipment is extremely expensive. Used and refurbished equipment will allow you to charge the same treatment cost with a much lower investment expense. This significantly increases your return on investment (ROI) while delivering your clients additional high quality cosmetic treatments. 

The Cutera Solera Titan is extremely compact. It barely weighs 40 pounds making it easily portable. The Solera Titan for sale comes with the custom cart which wheels the machine from room to room for treatments. 

The Cutera Solera Titan is an IPL based skin tightening cosmetic machine. It offers practitioners the most popular and fastest growing esthetic treatments.

The Solera Titan can accept 3 version of the Titan hand piece.

  1. Titan S (Reaches 10,050 Pulses)
  2. Titan V (Reaches 15,000 Pulses)
  3. Titan XL (Reaches 10,050 Pulses)

The Solera Titan introduced for the first time an infrared light source which delivers sustained, deep volumetric dermal heating. Treatments with the Solera Titan can be done on the face, neck, abdomen and all extremities of your patients. 


Titan’s light source generates energy from 1100 to 1800 nm which is safe for effective heating of the skin optimal for skin tightening. Generally Titan patients are people who are not yet ready for surgery. Combining this procedure with other non-invasive treatments improve conditions like dyschromia, Titan’s toning effect enhances overall results.


Product Specifications:

Wavelength: 1100 - 1800 nm

Fluence: 5 to 65 J/cm2

Spot Size: Titan V: 10 x 15 mm

                 Titan XL: 10 x 30 mm

Treatment Cycle: 4 to 10 seconds


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