Cutera Limelight Handpiece Repair

Cutera Limelight Handpiece Repair

Brand: Cutera
Product Code: NYL-1004
In Stock

Rebuild, Repair & Refurbish Cutera Limelight Handpiece

Rebuilding Cutera Limelight Handpiece Includes:

  1. Reset the shot count

  2. New flashlamp

  3. Clean and align optical components

  4. Test the energy

  5. Calibrate the hand piece

  6. 90 Day Service Warranty

NY Laser Outlet is a full service laser repair company. Additionally, we have refurbished used Cutera lasers and handpieces for sale.


Repair Process For Cutera Limelight Handpiece:

  1. We will email you a label to ship us the handpiece
  2. We repair the handpiece with very fast turn around time
  3. We ship you back the handpiece

​Our goal is to get you back the Cutera handpiece ASAP so you can continue to see clients and generate income.




Toll Free: 1-800-887-1966

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